Glee – Season Two Episode 13 ‘Comeback’

Welcome to my inaugural television review here on World of Female. In the coming weeks, I’ll be expanding my horizon and reviewing more shows – different kinds of shows – but we’re going to start everything off with one of the most unique, and one of the most popular, shows on TV right now – ‘Glee’. It just so happens that, as a music lover, ‘Glee’ is one of my favorite shows on TV so it seemed a good place to start.

I’ll begin each review with a quick recap of what you need to know about the show to understand what’s going on in the episode. Feel free to skip the recap if you’ve been watching all along. I’ll put it in italics to make for easier navigation. I’ll only recap things that relate directly with the episode.  Without any further ado; let’s get started. Needless to say; spoilers ahead.

Quick Recap: We met Quinn Fabray (Dianna Agron) way back at the beginning of season one. She was the stuck up head cheerleader stereotypically dating Finn Hudson (Cory Monteith), the star of the football team. Finn is more or less forced into joining the glee club by it’s scheming direction, Will Schuester (Matthew Morrison). The football star joins the glee club? You know some taunting is going to ensue. Poor Finn even takes a slushy to the face – McKinley High bully mode of torture. If Quinn is bothered by his suddenly declining social status, she isn’t nearly as concerned about that as she is about the fact that she’s pregnant; kind of an awkward position as she’s the president of the abstinence club. Worse? Finn isn’t the father of the baby. Mohawked bad boy Puck (Mark Salling) is. Drama!

All sorts of drama goes down when Finn finds out the truth about the baby. The first season winds up with Rachel and Finn (henceforth known as Finnchel) together and poor Quinn alone. She’s now part of the glee club having been accepted with loving arms when villainous Coach Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch) drops her from the Cheerios (the award winning cheer squad). Sue makes it her goal to destroy the glee club and nearly succeeds throughout the series. Sue basically comes across as evil, but the truth is, she has a heart and every so often we get to learn more about her.

Sam Evans (Chord Overstreet) arrives in the second season and immediately becomes a rival for Finn. He starts dating Quinn, becomes the star of the football team and even joins glee club. While Finn and Sam eventually become friends, that is starting to unravel now thanks to the fact that, following his break up with Rachel, Finn starts messing around with Quinn behind Sam’s back. What has become of Puck? After a brief (but very painful for Salling fans) departure from the show, Puck is back and in love with Lauren Zizes (Ashley Fink). She seems the perfect match for him. Perhaps not his usual conquest looks wise, she has the tough as nails personality that could keep bad boy Puck in line.

Following a truly epic performance at the halftime show for the championship football game, the glee kids find themselves unexpectedly on top of their game with a newfound almost respect in the school. Sue, on the other hand, has lost three of her Cheerios with Quinn, brain dead but adorable Brittany (Heather Morris) and sneaky Santana (Naya Rivera) jumping ship to join glee full time. Sue finds herself labeled ‘Loser of the Year’ by Katie Couric. She’s not the only one finding herself in a bad situation.

Because the show is set in high school, love is often a fickle thing. Finn and Quinn are apparently back on – at least in secret – despite the fact that Quinn is now dating Sam. When Santana learns of this secret, she does what Santana does best – stirs up trouble. Willingly infecting herself with mono, she passes the germs along to Finn who in turn passes them on to Quinn during one of their secret make out sessions. When both Quinn and Finn fall ill with mono, it isn’t hard to tell what happened and the end for Sam and Quinn seems all but inevitable. Bad new for Finchel fans? Well… Finn doesn’t seem willing to blow out that old flame. Even though Rachel appears to do so herself, I wouldn’t say never for these two crazy kids.

What Happened Last Night?

‘Glee’ is really milking the Sam/Quinn/Finn/Rachel situation for all its worth. That has some fans of the show a little upset, but to be fair, I can’t see the problem with it. The show is about high school and what is more high school than break ups, make ups, mono and cheating. Poor Sam is about all I can say. While it seemed all but certain that Sam and Quinn were done when last we say them, we learn early in ‘Comeback’ that Quinn tells Sam she didn’t make out with Finn (LIAR!) and contracted mono from him by saving his life. He choked on a gumball, you see. She had to perform mouth to mouth. While everyone else is rolling their eyes at her preposterous story, Sam buys it hook, line and gumball. The problem? Quinn is torn between Finn and Sam and both boys are suffering for it. Sam feels like he’s losing Quinn and decides to step up his game. How? The power of the Bieber. Yes. ‘Glee’ went there.

Sam Evans
Sam Sings Bieber

I wasn’t sure how I felt about ‘Glee’ tackling Justin Bieber. I’ve never been a big fan of the Biebs, but I have to admit the guy can really sing. I thought they did a great job of handling the pint sized pop phenomenon. They did a great job of the songs with Chord Overstreet’s sweet, but understated voice aptly handling ‘Baby’. When Puck, Artie and Mike join in the fun, things only get better. Although there were rumors this would be another tribute episode, I was pleased we got a little broadway and a little My Chemical Romance thrown in. I am a newcomer to Bieber fever, so for me, a little Bieber goes a long way.

Sue Sylvester
Sue is Sad

It was nice to see Sue off her game for once. While we’ve seen her fail in the past, we’ve never seen her fail in such a big way. Depressed Sue never really rang true so I was happy when it was revealed that depression was part of a bigger scheme. Even so, I always look forward to seeing Sue’s softer side and her field trip with Will shone a lovely light on the human side of Sue we rarely see. Although I always hope that softer side will stick around, the show just wouldn’t be the same without Sue plotting against the glee club. The show needs a villain and Sue Sylvester is the perfect character to fill that need.

Santana Stirs the Pot

Oh Santana. I don’t like her scheming ways – it’s much better left to Coach Sue – but I was happy she gave Sam the push he needed to end things with Quinn. Sam is a sweet, albeit dumb, guy and he didn’t deserve the treatment he was getting. How will this affect his friendship with Finn? It’s pretty safe to assume there is no friendship to speak of now. I’m not big on his relationship with far too skeezy Santana, but I’m sure it will be short lived.

Brittany the Trendsetter

Probably the lowest part of the episode was the Rachel comeback story line. While everyone who has been watching the show has missed crazy, do-anything-to-be-the-star Rachel, this subplot just felt tacked on. That said, anything that delivers more screen time for Brittany isn’t all bad. Rachel, in an attempt to make her ‘comeback’, hires Brittany to try to get people talking about her via fashion. It backfires and Brittany looks like a trendsetter while Rachel looks like a follower.

The Diva Off

The ‘diva off’, spurred on by a drama seeking Sue, between Mercedes (Amber Riley) and Rachel was a welcome return to the big vocals we love, but it left me feeling a little cold. I expected far more from the scene. It was nice to see the girls having fun by the end, sharing credit for their performances and thwarting Sue, but I felt it could’ve been better.

Lauren Knows What Boys Like

One of the highlights of the episode for me was definitely the performance by Lauren Zizes. Seeing someone so strong and confident struggle with nerves was really nice. I love the girl. I know she’s the subject of some controversy with some ‘Glee’ fans feeling she’s unnecessary, but I think she’s a perfect match for Puck and, although her voice isn’t stellar, she turned a great rendition of ‘I Know What Boys Like’ by The Waitresses’. I hope she sticks around. She’s a lot of fun.

Finn and Rachel 'Sing It Out'

I might be in the minority here, but I really enjoyed New Directions performing My Chemical Romance. I like the original song more – which rarely happens with me and ‘Glee’ songs – but I thought they did a pretty passable job. I was also ecstatic that Sam finally came to his senses – even if that was only due to Santana’s meddling – and ended it with Quinn. It’s about time she felt the consequences of her actions. I love Dianna Agron, but I don’t like Quinn. Seeing her heartbroken face (see picture below) made me feel hope for women everywhere who are tired of the pretty girls doing what they want and still getting the good guys. Way to go Sam!

Quinn Learns Cheating is Bad

My biggest complaint about the episode of the lack of Kurt, Blaine and The Warblers. I know we’re supposed to be rooting for New Directions, but my heart is with The Warblers. This one really lacked the flair and sparkle The Warblers deliver and, like it or not, the Kurt/Blaine relationship is the most interesting on the show. With word that upcoming episodes will feature Blaine kissing Rachel and questioning bisexuality, I can’t help but feel a little discouraged. I’m not Team Finchel as a rule, but that sweet moment between them at the end of last night’s episode had be hopeful. Plus, I want Blaine and Kurt to happen in a big way. Rachel needs to keep her divalicious ‘tude away from Kurt’s potential man!

What Lies Ahead?

You can expect more drama from the Quinn and Sam breakup, but I’ve heard rumors that Finnchel will in fact rise again. No one’s saying whether or not Kurt and Blaine will end up together, but if ‘Glee’ pays any attention to what fans want, we’ll see those two crazy kids hook up eventually. In next week’s episode, the kids experiment with underage drinking with disastrous results. There’s apparently going to be a country number and a Ke$ha number performed by the criminally underused Brittany.

How did you feel about the Sam and Quinn breakup? Are you glad to see old school Rachel back? Are you excited to see the ‘Glee’ kids strap on some cowboy boots and get a little tipsy? Let us know in the comments below!


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