Tips for Getting Your Computer Running Better so You’re More Productive

Technology is great when it’s working well; it can certainly help us to achieve a lot more in our day and to automate numerous tasks. Unfortunately when computers slow down or freeze  constantly, they can end up costing us a whole lot of time.

If you’re sick of having to wait for your computer to play catch up to handle all the tasks you’re trying to complete at a given time, remember that the device probably needs a bit of TLC. Although we make our gadgets work hard, we don’t often stop to give them a tune-up, so they can run optimally. Read on for some tips you can follow to help get your computer in tip-top shape today.

Run Updates

For starters, don’t be the person who ignores all the updates that pop up on their computer. While you may find it easy to tell yourself that you’ll “do it later,” later often doesn’t come, and operating systems, apps, browsers, plugins, programs and the like end up becoming exceedingly outdated as a result.

When your computer is full of old and inefficient software, it slows down. To help it run optimally, always install new versions when they become available. Set up systems to update automatically, so you don’t forget.

Use Cleaning Tools

Next, keep in mind that there are many excellent cleanup tools on the market, which you can use to give your computer a boost. There are specific programs for different types of operating systems, such as Dr. Mac for Apple devices, as well as more general solutions which can be used on any type of computer.

Utilize cleaning tools that go through your device looking for old files which can be deleted. You can do this task yourself, manually, if you choose, but it takes a lot of time and energy. Given that there are products available to do the heavy lifting for you, manual clean-ups are rather pointless. There are both free and paid options, so compare features to find one that suits your needs.

Delete Programs

Similarly, there are likely many old and unnecessary programs sitting on your computer, taking up vital space and processing power and causing it to run slowly as a result. Many programs run processes in the background as your computer loads, stealing juice from the programs you truly need. To give your device a boost, delete all the programs you don’t use.

There will probably be many you installed months or years ago but never used or which you no longer have any need for. Plus, most people find when they go through their computers that there are all sorts of programs they didn’t even know were on there. This is because computer manufacturers tend to install many programs before they ship goods out; this is called bloatware.

To locate unnecessary programs, go to the Control Panel on your device, and then choose the Programs and Features heading. This will show you a complete list of all the installed software on your computer. Delete anything you’ve never used or that you can’t see yourself needing in the future.

Boost Storage Levels

Lastly, a simple yet effective way to get your computer running better is to boost its storage capacity. You’ll find your tech is likely being slow and freezing regularly because it doesn’t have enough storage to handle the tasks you’re trying to complete.

There are two types of storage levels to improve. The permanent storage, your hard drive, is particularly important. If you store many large files (such as movies and photographs), these will be taking up permanent storage space and affect your computer’s speed, requiring it work harder to do every task. If you notice your hard drive is at around 80 percent of capacity or more, it’s time to upgrade. Usually a capacity of about 1 terabyte is enough for most users.

You may also want to add more RAM (short for Random Access Memory) to your computer. This is the temporary storage used when programs are completing tasks. Having a decent RAM size is important if you tend to have many programs open at once. Add more RAM by way of memory sticks. While the amount of storage you require is dependent on your needs, usually popping in another 4 gigabytes will do the trick.



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