Getting Married On A Budget – Get Creative For Your Wedding

If you are a creative person then there are plenty of things that you can do which will help to cut down the cost of your wedding. Here are just a few suggestions where you can add a little bit of your own personality into this special event and have lots of fun too.

Make Your Own Wedding Invitations

Once you have set the date for your wedding, you will want to let people know about it.  Sending out wedding invitations can be a really expensive affair.  The choices of letters, cards and envelopes can be overwhelming and they are all so beautifully made.  However if you are trying to stick to a budget, this is one way where you can curb the costs.

You can create your own invitations by using your computer. If you are a whiz at working with graphics, you will be able to create really cute invitations that could even include photographs of yourselves or some other images.  Choose one of the really beautiful fonts for the lettering and simply print off the amount that you need.  This will work out far cheaper than buying stationery from a wedding supply store.

Make Your Own Wedding Favors
It is traditional to provide wedding favors for all the guests who come to witness your happy day.  This tradition actually dates back quite a few centuries where people where presented with something to remember the joyous occasion.  These days a muslin bag of 5 sugar covered almonds are often given as gifts.  Each almond represents health, wealth, fertility, good fortune and long life for the couple.

Now you can create your own wedding favours by buying a large batch of sugared almonds, or any other candy of your choice, and make your own little bundles, using cheap tissue paper and colored string or ribbon to tie them.  Simply place a bag on the table at the reception for each guest.

Make Your Own Wedding Album

One of the most expensive aspects of a wedding can be the cost of hiring a photographer.  You want to be sure to capture all the important events of the day so that you have these memories for ever.

One way in which you can reduce the cost is if you agree in advance on the amount of photographs you want, and pick which part of the whole day are the most precious to you. In order to get pictures from the rest of the day, buy a whole batch of disposable cameras and place them on the tables during the reception.  Ask your guests to use these cameras to take pictures during the evening and you will find that you have some fantastic photos for your wedding album

There are plenty more ways in which you can cut down the cost of your wedding day.  All you have to do is to think creatively. Ask your friends and family for more suggestions and you are guaranteed to have a magical day that everyone will remember fondly.


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