80 Cool Gender Reveal Ideas to Celebrate Your Baby

Knowing the gender of your baby is a very exciting moment, and that is no longer simply answered, but celebrated with family and friends. A great thing, there are lots of ways to reveal to your family and friends about the exciting news. Whether you’re wishing for a simple, relaxed, elaborate, or over-the-top celebration, keep on scrolling for the cool gender reveal ideas to celebrate your baby in a way that feels just right for you.

What is a “Gender Reveal” Party?

Prior to baby shower celebration, a gender reveal party is a gathering where soon-to-be parents invite their family and friends to announce the sex of their baby. Unlike weddings and baby showers, invited guests are typically not expected to bring a gift, and gender reveal parties can have everyone, unlike the baby shower that is expected to have all-female guests.

Pregnancy is a magical time to be happy and inspired, and this occasion used to be a private gathering of parents or family members, but nowadays, you can set your own rules. While simpler gender reveal ideas suggest enjoying a slice of pink or blue cake with your guests, other elaborate celebrations include setting off smoke bombs to reveal pink or blue color that is associated with baby’s gender.

How Gender Reveal Parties Became Popular?

According to experts, gender reveal parties became popular because of new medical technology. A mother-to-be usually opts for a cell-free fetal DNA testing as early as three months, compared to ultrasound between four to five months. However, the said tests couldn’t be accurate if there are some sex chromosome disorders and other abnormalities on the development of the baby.

Also, gender reveal parties became a form of ritual where soon-to-be-parents wanted to make an excuse to celebrate more. Most of the time, “Wheels or Heels”, “Bows or Bow Ties”, and “Rifles or Ruffles” are the themes used in a gender reveal party.

Is Gender Reveal Party Necessary?

A gender reveal party is simply a great way for soon-to-be-parents to celebrating the arrival of a baby girl or a baby boy, but there are lots of criticisms and dark implications centered on them. Whether you came from a conservative family, or simply want to avoid gender stereotyping, you might want to consider your choice of having a gender reveal party.

The first thing, “sex” and “gender” are not interchangeable. Technically, sex is determined via genitals of the baby, but the term gender is more abstract. In fact, the latter suggest how ones will identify themselves regarding to femaleness, maleness, and in between. Unfortunately, inviting your guests to a so-called “sex reveal party” doesn’t sounds good, that’s why the term “gender reveal party” is used.

Some say that hosting a gender reveal party only shows that you are making a decision on how your unborn child will identify himself or herself. But if you were born in a conservative family who values bible principles and you’re inviting guests with a conservative background, then having a gender reveal party wouldn’t be a problem at all.

Remember, gender is a complex subject and gender identity develops over time, while sex is based on anatomy. Also, the occasion can be a backlash to transgender community, giving some unnecessary societal implications. This is especially true when our society is giving rights to transgender people. Also, it can give negative impression when your baby girl hates dressing up and your baby boy loves flowers.

If you’re too concerned about gender stereotyping, then having a gender reveal party might not be for you. In some cultures and traditions, men are viewed as superior to women, and everything is viewed in line with their sex. Also, there is a possibility of capturing the gender disappointment on camera during the celebration. It’s just normal that a parent is dreaming of having a baby boy or a baby girl, but your mixed emotions are seen in front of a crowd.

Depending on the nature of your celebration, your child might be amused or disappointed when he or she saw you, along with your guest being happy or disappointed when the “team blue” had lost the game. Also, what if your child chose their own gender that doesn’t match his or her sex? More than that, some private moments with your child shouldn’t be posted publicly, especially on social media.

Gender Reveal Party Etiquette

  1. You can immediately host a gender reveal party as soon as you knew the gender of your baby.

A gender-reveal party is held prior to your baby shower. Depending whether you’ll have a baby shower or not, you would want to have the gender reveal party not too close with the date of the other occasion. Most of the time, a baby shower is held in your third trimester, so don’t wait too long before having your gender reveal party. In fact, you can host a gender reveal party as early as three months.

  1. Your guest list is limited to closest family and friends.

The guests invited are the closest family and friends, not including your distant friends, co-workers, and acquaintances. Yes, your guest list can be lesser, and the theme is more casual than it would be for a wedding or baby shower. Remember, bigger is not always better, so instead of renting a hotel or resort for the occasion, simply think of your own house or backyard so you’ll save money.

Also, you should keep your invitations simple, so your guests wouldn’t confuse it with a baby shower and bring gifts. As a rule of thumb, you shouldn’t go for a more formal invitation since the event is typically casual. If you can, think of a dual invitation that states the date of your baby shower and gender reveal party.

  1. Guests are not required to bring gifts at a gender reveal party.

When it comes to wedding and baby showers, guests are expected to bring gifts, but not in a gender reveal party—unless the two celebrations are held in one occasion. This also implies that the host of a gender-reveal party shouldn’t list registry information on the invitations.

But, if you’re someone is kind enough to give them a gift, better focus on mom’s needs, some food, congratulations card, or even a bottle of wine, rather than baby clothes and accessories—after all, you don’t know the gender yet, and even it’s a unisex item, your gift can be given to baby shower.

  1. It can be hosted by couple since it’s not a gift-receiving occasion.

When it comes to baby shower, the traditional etiquette states that a mom-to-be should let her friends and family host a baby shower for them, since it’s a gift-receiving occasion. Since gender reveal parties are not gift-giving occasion, it’s just fine that the soon-to-be-parents host their own party.

More than that, some couple chose to be surprised on the gender reveal party too, where they host the party itself but have their trusted friends or family member to organize the secret blue or pink cake color, confetti, and even smoke.

  1. Think of party themes and games suited for the occasion.

Do you know that choosing a theme for your gender reveal party will make everything organized and will narrow your choices? Yes, by having a clear theme in mind, you’ll be able to get clear choices that are relevant, and party planning won’t get very confusing.

Depending on your preferences, you can go for posters, banners, balloons, confetti, candy, and such as decorations. The key is to opt for blue and pink decorations that will keep your baby’s gender secret until the big revelation. Whichever theme and décor you choose for the gender reveal party, make it special and memorable. If you’re living in a rural area, let nature be your décor by hosting the party at your garden.

Depending on your personality and guests, you can have or not have some games, contrary to baby showers that are known for its fun and quirky games. Most of the time, enjoying your friends’ company and nibbling on good food are enough. However, having a guessing game is just fine, for where your guests guess your baby’s gender, and ones who guessed right will have a prize.

  1. The food that will be provided will depend on the party’s theme.

Most of the time, pink foods and blue foods abound, but your choice will depend on your gender reveal party theme. Remember, the revelation of your baby’s gender is usually hidden in cake or cupcakes to add an element of surprise, unlike to an all-pink or all-blue baby shower party theme, for where the guests will know the gender of your baby as soon as they entered the door.

As a rule of thumb, gender reveals are casual parties, so avoid having sumptuous cocktails. According to etiquette, you should plan a half pound of meat per person, so it will be more economical if you’ll stick with finger foods that are just around your food budget. Remember, homemade and store-bought foods are more economical than a catered event.

Most of the time, snacks like burgers, pastas, hotdogs, and fries, along with cute desserts are great choices. Some gender-reveal parties offer alcohol, beer, or wine, but it is still best to refrain from doing so.

How to Plan a Gender Reveal Party

  1. Schedule an ultrasound to know your baby’s gender.

The essence of having a gender reveal party is to announce the gender of your baby, but how can you do that if you don’t know it yet? Most of the time, mom-to-be schedules an ultrasound without three months of pregnancy. However, some cases will prevent knowing the gender of the baby due to the position in the womb.

  1. Decide a theme for your gender reveal party.

Depending on your personality and preferences, your may have a simple or elaborate theme. Most of the time, pink and blue theme featuring cupcakes, cocktails, cups, napkins, candles, and such are enough. Some of the most common gender reveal themes are bows or bowties, mustaches or lipsticks; wheels or heels; pirates or mermaids; quarterback or cheerleader, and such.

If you like, you may add some interests that involve both of you. While soccer, baseball, football, and basketball denotes the interest of your spouse, you can think of makeup-like decorations, and even modeling related themes that will make everything more personal. Some couples even build a theme around the season.

  1. Set the date and start sending invitations.

Once you already have a venue, pick a date, and send invitations. Most of the time, sending invitations five weeks in advance is ideal, along with your electronic invites and events on social media. More than that, online invitations are the easiest and less expensive option that you may go for.

Also, not all people have been invited to a gender reveal party, so better have a brief explanation in your invitation and a short program. Also, don’t forget to set your dress code for the party, so your guests will wear a matching outfit with your theme that looks nice on pictures.

  1. Plan your party’s program, games, and the big reveal.

Depending on your preferences, you can go for a simple announcement regarding the gender of your baby while having meal with your guests. But if you’re a bit sporty, pick a more interesting way to reveal the gender of your baby with fun games and surprises. While some go for a neutral colored cake with pink or blue color inside, others opt for pink or blue balloons along with smoke bombs.

If you want to include your guests in the games, think of a guessing game where they will give guesses and the right ones will have a prize. Or, think of having some voting booths as well. For a more adventurous party, think of diaper changing games, sonogram guessing, time capsule game and such.

  1. Decide on the kind of food and beverages you’ll serve.

Compared to baby showers and weddings, gender reveal parties aren’t very long, so you’re not expected to serve dinner depending on the time of your party. Most of the time, sweets, snacks, and appetizers are enough, but make sure they meet your blue and pink theme. To make things easier, have at least cupcakes and candies in blue or pink colors. If you want to serve some juices and alcohol, think of blue and pink ones by adding some food coloring if needed.

  1. Make sure everything is captured in photos.

Gender reveal is one of the most memorable moments in your pregnancy, so make sure everything is documented in photos or videos. Most of the time, hiring a professional photographer or videographer is enough, though you can save lots of money if you ask your family and friends to take photos. To make things more personal, think of Polaroid photos where your guests can write a message for their wisher for your baby.

  1. Thank your guests for coming.

Depending on your budget, you can send thank you cards, goodie bags, sweet treats, blue and pink themed giveaways, scented candles, customized soaps and such to thank them for showing up. If you’re generous, you can also thank them by raffles where they can have gift cards and freebies of some clothing brands and restaurants.

Best Gender Reveal Ideas for You

Depending on your preferences, you may go for a simple, creative, funny, or over-the-top gender reveal party. For playful gender reveal ideas, think of having a balloon release that will reveal the gender of your baby. Or, let your guests know the gender of your baby by serving them a pink lemonade punch or blue punch. To get a festive vibe, go for pink or blue confetti where your guests will pop it.

If you’re into sports, think of having a gender reveal baseball where your guests will choose their Pink Team or Blue Team. Or, think of gender reveal paint gun game where their guests will use those guns filled with blue and pink paints. If you want a theatrical effect on your gender reveal party, think of smoke bombs—but make sure your safety to avoid injuries and disasters.

Are you a big fan of Harry Potter? Then go for a hat sorting game featuring wizard or witch themed game. If you want a more adventurous gender reveal party, think of having a Pokemon gender reveal ball where you’ll toss a pokemon and your guest will watch it explode into pink or blue smoke. If you’re a fan of Star Wars, think of using LED Lightsaber in blue or pink color, revealing a mini Luke Skywalker or Princess Leia.

For a more personalized touch on your big reveal, think of scratch-off cards that reveal the gender of the baby. If you love some do it yourself projects, bake up some cupcakes with blue or pink frostings, and serve that on the party. If you like, have some gender reveal name suggestions from your guests, unless you want to keep everything private.

To make things effortless, wear a cute tee saying “It’s a girl!” or “It’s a boy!” on your grand entrance. Also, you may simply eat a cake with your guests as a way to celebrate. This time, opt for a gender reveal cake with blue or pink color inside. Or, go for cake pops or cupcakes with blue or pink frostings. If you like have those cupcakes with blue or pink filled cream so your guests will only know the gender of your baby through a bite.

If you’re getting more artistic, have your gender reveal with a pink or blue paint. Just make sure your guest also want to get a little messy, or else no one will participate. According to photographers, wearing white clothes look best in photographs. You can also think of having a bonfire and a flame-color-changing chemical to reveal the gender of your baby.

If you’re rich, go for gender reveal fireworks, so you’ll have an extravagant display at night in pink or blue colors. Or, go for bow and arrow gender reveal where you’ll put balloon on a target with blue or pink ribbon or paint inside and a dad-to-be will hit the target to reveal the gender of your baby. To make things more adventurous, go for a scavenger hunt around your house.

If you want to host a gender reveal party, but you’re in a budget, think of some do it yourself projects to make things more creative while saving lots of money. If you think of buying invitation templates, think again. Do you know that Internet is your friend when it comes to making your invitations effortless and hassle-free? Also, you can ask for a potluck when it comes to your party food. To make things more functional, you can ask your guests to bring pink and blue colored foods as a representation of their wild guess for your baby’s gender.

A great thing, there are lots of food that your guests can bring and also fit your theme. For instance, blue team could bring blueberries, blue soda, blue cupcakes, blue doughnuts and such, while the pink team will bring watermelon, strawberries, pink lemonade and such. When it comes to your gender reveal party decorations, think of your art essentials that can be a good decoration.

If you’re into baking, think of a colored cake cut gender reveal. A great thing, it’s a cute, delicious, and economical way to reveal your baby’s gender. Or, simply think of a Hershey chocolate bar where you can highlight the words she and he—not to mention your guests will love the sweet treat as who wouldn’t love the Hershey chocolates by the way?

According to experts, it is important to have your “me time” before the gender reveal party. This is especially true if you do everything—cleaning the house, creating décor, cooking food, planning a party, sending invitations, doing follow-ups on guests and such. This way, you’ll be more relaxed when it’s time for your gender reveal party.

Indeed, getting ready for the arrival of your newest family member is a momentous occasion, and a gender reveal party is one of the best ways to celebrate your baby.


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