Start A Beautiful And Vibrant Garden In Your Home

You don’t have to go for a stroll in the park to enjoy the sweet smell of flowers and the charm of flourishing trees — you can have all of that natural beauty in the comfort of your own home. If you love the bright and vibrant greenery of the great outdoors, here is how you can bring some of it into your living room. 

What Plants Should You Pick?

When it comes to your indoor garden, you should be prioritizing low-maintenance plants to avoid drying roots or falling leaves — this means they require minimal watering, natural light and upkeep in order to survive. This is especially important if you have a busy schedule because you don’t want to accidentally destroy your flowers and ferns if you let the chore slip your mind for a few days. So, choose indoor plants you can’t kill for your vibrant indoor garden like spider plants, peace lilies, English ivy, dragon trees, philodendrons, begonias, African violets and rubber plants. 

How Should You Decorate WithThem?

Make your garden look more like an oasis than a collection of plastic planters and clay pots by getting creative with your home décor. The crafting website Yarnspirations has some excellent ideas for sprucing up your pots with their recent Green House lookbook. The lookbookshows off a spread of free crochet patterns for chic plant holders and hanging pot cozies. If you don’t know your way around crochet hooks, you can easily decorate pots and tins by wrapping them with yarn. Go to the website to find an abundance of lively colors of Caron Simply Soft yarn like chartreuse, sage, iris, lemonade, fuchsia and gold. The site can help you get deals on your yarn orders so that you can save your money, like giving you free shipping whenever you make a purchase of sixty dollars, as long as you live in the United States or Canada. Another gorgeous presentation idea is to make your own terrarium by placing miniature air plants, succulents and cacti into a clear glass container filled with soil, pebbles and charcoal. You can even hang your homemade terrarium from the ceiling as long you have a sturdy crochet or macramé holder.  

Why Should You Get Plants?

Starting an indoor garden is more than a great way to improve your home décor, it’s also a fantastic methodto boost your health. Research has revealed that plants make you feel better because they release more oxygen, absorb carbon dioxide and remove toxins from your indoor air. These healthy attributes can elevate people’s general moods so that they feel calm, relaxed and happy.Houseplants also have the ability to increase your productivity and concentration by a whopping fifteen percent. In the end, your green thumb will positively transform your physical, mental and emotional health, along with your interior design.

Fill your rooms with potted plants like budding flowers, leafy ferns, growing shrubs and miniature succulents. Your personal garden will always be gorgeous, no matter what the weather is like beyond your front door.


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