What does the future of Christmas look like?

Christmas, in all its magic features glistening lights, delicious food and thoughtful gifts. This time of year is full of festive traditions we have all come to know and love, but how have our rituals changed over the years? And what will they look like in the future?

Last year we spent an average of £596 on presents and according to Photobox, we’re likely to spend a lot more by 2050! This interesting piece reveals the top selling toys over the years and how much a Christmas dinner could cost in the future.

 The essentials
There’s nothing like the suspense and excitement of waiting at the table for Christmas dinner to be ready, but how much does this tradition actually cost us? On average our Christmas dinner cost us £103 in 2005 and by 2015 this had risen to £138.  An essential part of this traditional dish is of course, turkey, and in 2015 we brought 10 million of them! In comparison, in the 1930’s many would have to save an entire week if they wanted to purchase the sought-after bird.

Other traditions that give us that warm winter feeling include; listening to festive songs, watching Christmas TV and sending out Christmas cards. In 2015, 880 million cards were sent and as much as 2 billion could be received by 2050.

Bottom line – we take our Christmas seriously here in the UK and it looks like its just going to get a whole lot more over the top throughout the years. Christmas has always been a time to create memories with family and friends and sharing and creating these memories may even become easier in the future!


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