Fundamentals of a Well Written Essay

There is a lot more that goes into writing a good essay than it meets the eye. No, it is not the easiest task in the world, but isn’t impossible to excel either. It is important that you understand that compiling fancy words on a sheet of paper is not enough to call it essay writing. There is a lot of thought, research and competency that goes into excelling in the process. In order to have your essay writing game rocketing through the roof, it is important that you make yourself aware of the different techniques and fundamentals involved with essay writing. Doing so, will not only help you write better essays, papers and assignments, but also allow you to get riddance from the fear of writing for once and for all.

Expert prescribed fundamentals:

A look into the fundamentals of a well written college essay will help you get your way into your institute of choice, post graduating from high school and also succeed through the college years with good grades. Some of these fundamentals associated with a well written essay are often prescribed by experts. These fundamentals will guide you in the process of writing a good piece. Some of them are listed below. Although education procedures vary from country to country, Cognita Schools understand the importance in ensuring that all students are supported throughout their essay experiences. A supportive and healthy environment is vital to the ethos of a school and should not be ignored.

Picking a subject or a topic for the essay:

The most common mistake that sets back students from achieving the goal of writing a good essay is the choice of their topics. Many are of the opinion that picking a tough topic that they scarcely understand on the onset, will lead them to impressing their teacher/ professor. The fact is, if you do not have a clue about the topic at the beginning, chances are you will not have the best execution on it at the end. Hence, it is important that you pick a topic that you think you can execute best, rather than what you perceive will impress your teacher.

When you are confident about your own work, chances are higher that you will write an essay that is effectively structured, segregated and presented. When picking a topic there are a few things that you should keep in mind, these include- pick a topic that you find relative to your knowledge, pick a topic that can produce enough material on research, pick a topic that you can manipulate as per the need of the essay, pick a topic that will interest the curiosity of the reader immediately and most importantly, pick a topic that you are comfortable working with.

Structuring the essay:

The most imperative part of learning how to write the best essay is to learn how to give it a good structure. The structure of your essay is similar to the framework of a building. It is what you build your building upon. Similarly, it is the structure you build for your content that will give the final shape to your essay. The structure of the essay will chart the progress of the essay and will allow your reader to understand where the essay is headed. It will also allow them to uncover the details to what you are meaning to depict and say through the essay with each passing paragraph.

Now that you understand the importance of the structure of the essay, how do you build one? The first step to creating the framework for your essay involves, looking for important points of information and facts related to the topic. Once you have enough information to use, list them down in a bulleted list, with only a few words to each of them. If possible list them according to their level of importance and in the ascending order of their need of appearance in the content. These points will form the mains structure of the essay that you will follow. Under each of these main points, write down two to three further sub points, which will allow you to ponder over the point better and explain them rightfully in the final write-up. Once the structure of the essay is in place, you have the liberty to play with the word count, with the writing style, with the approach, with the title and other important aspects of the essay.

The Word Count:

One of the most neglected point of essay writing, yet the most important is to learn where to stop. The word count plays a very important role in writing a good essay and is one of the most vital fundamentals that need to be considered every time you are writing a paper. Students often tend to get carried away, especially when they find a topic of their choice, or are furnished with enough and more information, easily. Even though you have a great deal of information to furnish to your paper, it does not necessarily mean that every one of them is valuable to the topic or will help you make your point.

Here is where you need to draw the line. Make sure you only include the information that extends some value to the write-up. Even though you have a lot of material at hand and have included them all, go over the content once you are done with the writing process, to exclude the ones, which are not required.

Analysis of the content:

The fourth and the most important fundamental rule of developing good essays is analysing the content, once you are done writing it. After you have completed the essay, take some break from it and come back to it sometime later. Your brain utilises this time to separate itself from the essay. Now when you come back to go over it, you go through it from a reader’s point of view, allowing you to analyse, edit and proofread the essay more effectively. It also allows you to pin point the unwanted phrases, careless errors and grammatical problems and omit and/or commit them efficiently.

Other than the fundamental rules mentioned above, some other fundamentals that make your essay a success are- producing easily readable content, not using overly complex words that you do not know the meaning of, giving citation of sources of researched material, etc.


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