For Women Only: the Beginner’s Guide to Exploring Your Sexuality

A serious, fantastic transformation has been unfolding for decades, changing the way women approach sex both on a collective and individual level. We aren’t yet at the peak of this quiet revolution, but one thing is sure: women are feeling more open and secure to explore their own sexuality, to expect pleasure and voice their desires to their partners more freely.

And while some women might take their satisfying sex lives for granted, we have to admit that we’ve collectively come a long way from the time when seeking sexual pleasure was taboo for women – which meant that admitting you weren’t getting any pleasure, or knew nothing about it, was taboo as well.

Embracing yourself as a sexual woman and learning about your desires is empowering on so many levels. Not only does it make sex a more fun, intimate, and powerful experience, but it also contributes to self-growth and developing healthy confidence.

Whether you’ve been having sex for decades or it’s a very new thing for you, this positive change starts with exploring your own sexuality. In this post, we’re bringing you a concise guide to help you do just that.


If you want to approach your sexuality in a healthy way, you want to start by making a conscious decision. This is the decision to better your sex life and to tap into your sexuality. And the most important part is that you need to be clear that you’re making this decision for yourself – not your boyfriend, husband, or potential date. Because the truth is, you don’t have to do any of this: there should be no have-to’s when it comes to sex. The choice to learn about your sexuality and become more sexual is yours, and it is directed at your own pleasure.

Embarking on the journey

Get comfortable with making this choice and the idea of wanting to be more sexual. Strip away any feelings of shame and any guilt that might have been forced upon you through your upbringing or through a lack of open communication. Embrace your sexuality and your desires as part of your natural human instinct, because that’s what they are.

Open up to exploring your sexual preferences and desires through erotic videos, images, art, and literature. Most importantly, don’t feel apologetic or bashful about liking certain things – keep in mind that this type of material wouldn’t exist if other women weren’t watching/reading it as well.

Embracing self-love

If you’ve never pleasured yourself before, or you judge yourself for it, now is the time to embrace the fact that masturbation is a perfectly healthy and normal part of indulging in your sexuality. Get comfortable with the idea of satisfying yourself. This will not only help you unveil an inner passion, but it’s also how you learn more about your body, pleasure centers, and what satisfies you. That’s why a good sex toy is essential to help you find your pleasure and actually learn which kinds of movements stimulate you the most.

Approach self-love as an art – exploring it, experimenting, and being playful with it will do a great deal for your sexual confidence. Your partner will also be thankful because you’ll be better able to voice your desires and guide him to touch you in all the right ways, ultimately helping you create a deeper connection and enjoy more joyful sex.

Getting comfortable with trying new things

As you unveil deeper levels of your sexuality, you might find that some of your desires contradict others, that your preferences are fluid and continuously changing, or simply that you’re into some rather weird/random stuff. That’s all very normal too. Sexual preferences aren’t set in stone and sexual desire can be confusing, which is exactly why we want to explore it personally in order to get to know ourselves better and learn what it is that we want from sex.

Don’t be afraid to act upon your instinct, dig deeper, and try new things. At the same time, don’t force yourself to be experimental and try things you’re actually not comfortable with. Seek balance and listen to your gut. Remember that it’s also okay if you realize you’re actually not into something halfway through and cut it off.

Coming out of your shell is liberating, empowering, and it’s pure fun. Let yourself drift into it gradually and don’t feel the need to rush or force anything. Just have fun and embrace your sexy, playful side. You’ll see, unveiling your sexuality will help you unlock the pathways to some other aspects of your personality and give you a wonderful perspective on sex. And when it comes to relationships, embracing your sexuality isn’t only vital to having great sex with your partner, but also for establishing deeper intimacy, openness, and honesty. So go ahead and explore.


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