Five Ways to Save While Moving

The world is becoming more interconnected than ever before. There are more opportunities than ever to live wherever you would like. From accepting a remote job, to moving away to college, there is almost always a time to move for everyone. How long it will take to get everything ready will vary from person to person, but one thing everyone who intends to move must take into consideration, is how expensive it can be. You will have to prepare yourself for hidden and unexpected costs, as things unprepared for will happen and unintended expenses will start to appear.

Five tips on how to save money in this process are listed below:

1. Start Early

The earlier you begin the process of moving, the better it will be. From collecting boxes and moving paper, to the time allocated to organize and prepare, increasing the amount of time to do so is always best. Starting early allows you to spread the number of tasks needed to be done over a wider period. Also, by starting early, you can save money by avoiding broker fees when renting your new place.

2. Cut Down the Clutter

Moving can cause you to make some tough choices like whether a picture with high sentimental value is more important than an expensive set of cooking pans. Along with starting early, the more you can reduce the number of things being moved the better. Simply put, if there are less things to move, it will be easier and cheaper.

3. Be Creative with Transportation & Time

The actual act of transporting everything will most likely be the most expensive part. While moving companies will ease the process and streamline everything, it may be more prudent financially, to rent a vehicle and drive it yourself. The choice of vehicle can also be a factor as a U-Haul box truck might be far more expensive than a cargo van. This along with the time of year (summer is most popular) can be huge aspects as well.

4. Take Care of Paperwork

Old and new utilities, filing for moving expenses reimbursements, and change of address forms are all examples of paperwork that can save money when filled out properly. Not only are moving expenses tax-reimbursable every year, but cutting off your unnecessary utilities for the few days before you leave part way through a month and ensuring you receive all your mail by filing the change of address form, are both examples of times you can save money. Paperwork is a hassle but it’s worth it!


5. Decorate Wisely

It can be tempting to jump into your new place with both guns blazing and attempt to “finish” every room immediately. However, this is not often the right move. Be selective in what you need, as well as understanding that a temporary placeholder may be better than buying the dream piece right away. Allow some time for your wallet and credit score to recover before jumping into a kitchen remodel.

Moving is a part of life and being able to do so on a budget is essential. When done right in every aspect, from starting early and ensuring details are taken care of, to acknowledging what is truly essential and what is a luxury, you will be able to avoid many of the headaches facing other people.



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