Five Creative Gifts to Mark the Arrival of a New Baby

Being pregnant is a joyous time filled with a mixture of emotions ranging from happiness to apprehension. It is also an exciting time for other relatives waiting for the baby to be born and everyone from friends to work colleagues will want to get in on the celebrations as well.

Depending on what your relationship is with the baby, you will want to get her/him a present that represents you. For example, a grandparent will get a different type of present to that of a work colleague, so let’s take a look at some gift ideas to make it easy to find a present for a new baby.

the portrait of newborn in high key technique
the portrait of newborn in high key technique


Grandparents play a pivotal role in the upbringing of a child and they are often just as excited as the actual parents for the imminent arrival!

Getting a gift for a new baby as a grandparent is fairly easy and the gift should be something practical such as a new pushchair or a cot. These are expensive items that new parents will need but may not be able to afford and as a grandparent, it is your responsibility to help new parents to have everything from a practical point of view.


Godparents will also play a big role in a child’s life and as such, it is nice to get a present that will represent your relationship.

A photo frame with an engraved message works well and while the baby won’t understand what it means for a few years, the new parents will appreciate the touching sentiment. The child will also grow up knowing your connection to them once they get older.

You can even pop a photo of you and the baby inside the frame and you can get hold of thoughtful gifts like this, or canvases, from specialist sites such as Photobox. Keepsakes are a nice gift for a godparent to buy and personalising it with a personal message adds a special touch.


As an uncle or an aunt to a new baby, you can have a bit more fun with your gift. You don’t need to get something practical such as a cot and as you will have an immediate blood connection with the baby you don’t need to get something sentimental, so why not get a funny present?

A baby grow that says something such as: “I love my Aunt” or “If you think I’m cute, you should see my uncle” is a great gift for a sibling to buy a new parent and the light-heartedness will be a welcome present in amongst the chaos.


Friends have a broad array of baby gifts to choose from, as a close friend may want to help out with buying something practical such as a nappy changing mat or baby furniture or they might want to get something funny like a t-shirt with a quirky slogan

One of the easiest gifts to celebrate the arrival of a new baby is something for the parent. Why not treat your friend to a massage or manicure at a spa? New mums will be tired and will find it hard to find the spare time to take good care of themselves.

Work Colleagues

One of the best presents a work colleague can by a new parent is a gift certificate. It is less personal than getting something engraved with a special message when you won’t necessarily have a close relationship with the child, but it also makes it easy for them to buy something that they really need and will make good use from


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