Feminism – Is It Killing Relationships?

Historically, men have dominated women in every aspect – whether it is wages for the same service or even in a relationship for that matter. Many women who believe in following the traditions and morale of their family bow down to this gender discrimination, but what about those who don’t? In a world that is slowly but steadily getting used to the term “feminism” because women are now claiming what is rightfully theirs, will it have an impact on relationships, especially since there is a history where men have been the dominating sex?

Feminists are not man-haters

Feminism isn’t about rivaling men in every sector. On the contrary, it is a set of ideologies where the basic idea is to treat everyone equally. Considering that a woman and a man are working an 8-hour shift, why should the man get more salary than the woman when both of them are providing the same service? This inequality is leading women to enrage and protest against organizations that are not changing these rules. That doesn’t mean women hate men or want to have the upper hand in any relationship.

In a recent incident in Paris, a woman in a burqa was insulted and denied service in a grocery store. Keeping religious sentiments aside, is it even humane to act like this with a woman for no reason at all? When guys see “feminist” written in the profile of a girl on a dating website like LOveSita, they tend to feel intimidated. Why? Even a man can be a feminist. It is supporting the feminism ideologies and not categorizing women based on what they demand because it is more about bringing a balance to humanity rather than becoming judgmental.

Being non-traditional

Romance involves both the man and woman expressing themselves freely. But traditionally, the rules have always been against women. It relinquished their control, giving men a superior advantage in a relationship. This not only made the husband-wife relationship dissatisfactory for women, but they also didn’t enjoy their sex life either. It was as if they were toys of men; romance usually took the back-foot drive, and this affected the long-term stability of the relationship.

The idea of romance doesn’t require a man or a woman to be non-traditional. You don’t always need a prince charming to be the woman’s protector. That’s where the difference between expectation and reality in a modern relationship is. Equality and respect are more essential than becoming the macho figure that traditional men have portrayed over the course of history. Feminism isn’t a characteristic feature that decides whether a woman is good or not. Instead, it is the acceptance that everyone should have equal rights in a relationship. That’s the way forward; that’s how a relationship will succeed.

Respect then love

Many people consider gender equality incompatible with romance. But, that’s not how it should be. Modern men are now more considerate about feminism because they understand the inequality women had to face for centuries. It is high time that they get their deserved respect in every field. That is why it is essential to respect women first before trying to love them. Love will happen if the man and the woman wants it to happen, but that doesn’t mean men have to be intimidated by the ideologies of women. It is only when you respect those ideologies that you truly start to understand a woman.

Nowadays, many husbands contribute more to household chores than wives. This shift speaks volumes whether feminism is indeed killing relationships or not. It also portrays how men are ready to take on the challenge of bringing the change in the society so that women play a crucial role in decision-making rather than having to become housewives for the rest of their lives. With this change, there is an air of positivity in relationships because women too believe that their years of struggles are finally bearing fruit.

It is foolish to think that feminism will keep women in a stronger position in a relationship. The idea is to contribute to a more balanced society. Men and women are only trying to keep that balance in position so that they have a better and brighter relationship for years.


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