Eye Catchers- Coloured Lenses

Coloured contact lenses are a great way to instantly change your look, whether you require a subtle change or something that says ‘Wow, look at me!’

Coloured contact lenses come in an assortment of different shades, from colours that create a slight but still noticeable difference to hues that cause a radical change.  There is in fact a coloured contact lens to suit every occasion. You even see celebs joining this new craze with Tyra Banks and Paris Hilton as just two such stars that have succumbed to the coloured lens trend! You can get every colour from sapphire blue to emerald green on the market.

Due to advances in technology, coloured contact lenses are now available as daily lenses.  Ciba Vision FreshLook One Day are the only coloured lenses on the market that boast to be the only daily coloured contact lens available.

Prices start from under £10 a pair, which means they won’t put a huge hole in your pocket either! A great way to invest in cheap contact lenses is to purchase them online.  The online prices often differ vastly to that of the high street.  For example, Get Lenses ( www.getlenses.co.uk) are a great website to check out if you wish to invest in cheap contact lenses. They have a top customer rating and boast to save customers up to 75% on their lenses. Cheap contact lenses shouldn’t however be misunderstood in terms of quality.  You are after all going to be using them in your eyes, which are of course very delicate.

Another way to buy into cheap contact lenses is to buy in bulk.  The more you buy, the cheaper each pair seems to get.  This will only work for those that know which lenses suit them and are happy to stick with these exact lenses for a certain period of time. Those that prefer daily contact lenses can in fact invest in a pair from as little as 60 pence per day.

The coloured contact lenses from Ciba Vision FreshLook are available in an array of different styles.   These come in the shape of subtle and natural hues, intense and colourful shades, extra impact shades for those with light eyes and expression colours and expression accents, which both change the natural colour of your eyes as well as enhance them with exciting enhancement tints. Most sites can offer advice so you know which colours will have the best effect.

Coloured lenses can be great for many occasions- you might be going to a fancy dress party, or going on a night out and want to create a whole new exciting look with your eyes. You would be surprised by the range of different styles available on the market. Why not got for a vibrant colour, instead of the standard smokey eye make-up look? Coupled with false lashes and your eyes will look stunning. You can create some really alternative styles with the more intense shades, or if you’re just looking for a minor change, go for a colour closer to your own eye colour and see who notices the difference!

You may have always wanted to know what you look like with green eyes or you may quite simply wish to spice up your current look, whatever the reason; coloured contact lenses are a great place to start.

If you are looking to achieve a natural look that enhances your current eye colour, we suggest to opt for a shade only a little brighter than your existing eye colour or alternatively opt for an eye enhancement tint lens.


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