Exploring  The Simplicity That Is Nueva Ecija

Paying the Manila to Nueva Ecija bus fare won’t burden the pocketbook too much. Prices across the board in the Philippines are fairly reasonable for everything and visiting Nueva Ecija would be worth a few extra dollars anyway.

Nueva Ecija is a province that is landlocked within the heart of Luzon. It is an agricultural zealot holding leadership on supplying rice which is a staple within Filipino households. It has so much to offer travelers who are in search of a unique vacation with exquisite landscapes, breathtaking mountains, and sprawling hills all ready to be explored.

This province located in the North is oftentimes missed by those passing through to get to Banaue or Baguio or other locations, with people losing out on the many attractions that are available in the way of full-day trips or even multiple-day excursions.


Once the Manila to Nueva Ecija bus fare has been paid, there will be an approximate three-hour ride to enjoy all of the gorgeous views in between. Upon arriving, Nueva Ecija has many different varieties of accommodations that are affordable and provide the comfort that a relaxing vacation requires. When exploring the province, Cabanatuan City is a typical stop for a night. This city has a lot to offer in the way of dining, hotels, and offers much in the way of transportation in case there are more places that are in the itinerary.

San Jose is another city option but with fewer choices than that of Cabanatuan City. This city is just as affordable with their accommodations compared to many other parts of the province, however.

Many travellers even don’t know that Nueva Ecija is a homeland to one of the Philippines ‘ most exquisite parks – Minalungao National Park that is located in Papaya. It is protected the land of over 2,000 hectares with the famous river – Penaranda. It is flowing through limestone towers that are about 15 meters high.  There is hiking, jumping off of cliffs into the water making sure to choose the appropriate ones, water rafting. Most certainly something a family can have fun doing together.

Another must-see place is the Hapag Vicenticos. This is boasted as a must for a family meal as they are famous and highly sought after as the only restaurant with all-inclusive Pinoy-style also known as “Hapag Kainan”. In the front, it looks like an old classic house which makes it feel like a typical Filipino home and they tout that it becomes a comfort enjoying the hearty food as it is prepared by seasoned chefs. They try to be sure to suit diets, palates, and budgets.


Nueva Ecija doesn’t only provide a strong cultural heritage and history, but also delicious food that will make you want more than you can handle. The ‘batutay longganisa’ which is in Cabanatuan is boasted as being something that has to be tried while on the trip. It is made from beef and has a garlic compliment. There is also ‘tilapia ice cream’ which is a rather unusual-sounding flavor but it is touted as being definitely worth a try.

They say it is sweet with only a slight fishy taste.  Another recommendation is called ‘pitapatting kambing with alibangbang leaves’. It is highly suggested but not described as to what it exactly is. Sometimes it’s good to just try something and not know precisely what it is. Because Nueva Ecija is the “rice bowl of the Philippines”, it is a must that the kakanin be eaten while there and the two most famous are ‘nilupak’ and ‘palitaw’. This should all fill the palate for the duration of the time that is spent there.


Whether you pay your Manila to Nueva Ecija bus fare to enjoy a day trip to the province or a few days just to check out the food or go on an exploring adventure through the beautiful countryside, you’ll be able to find a little bit of everything. For those who love food, this treasure is a gem as you will be able to concentrate the entire trip on tasting various delicacies that can only be found in this province. You can dive into the different culinary experiences, visit the little local cafes, and stop at all of the best souvenir shops along the way to bring something home.  It’s the ideal vacation spot.