Enjoy the Freedom of Ice Skating with Your Own Boots

There’s nothing like the freedom of being able to skate around an ice rink. The cold air. The sound of blades on ice. You can skate where you want, perform whatever moves or tricks you like and feel free as a bird. There is no comparable feeling to it! It’s also much safer on your body than sky diving or other extreme sports too, but it delivers just as much fun, excitement, or adrenalin rush (depending on how fast you travel).

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Let’s look at how you can be well-equipped for your trip to a local ice rink.

Getting the Fit Just Right

Not every ice skate is built well. Some women’s figure skates are for hobbyists or children and aren’t really meant to last. The blades are not that sharp or dull easily, they fit onto the sole of the boot poorly and eventually work loose, wobbling when you walk. As you’ll be getting off the ice rink onto a rubberised surface, the rubberised floor is great for grip but dulls the blades over time, especially low-quality ones.

With all the walking and skating, you must get a pair of skates that fit your feet well. When they’re too tight or aren’t very adjustable, you’ll feel uncomfortable and get blisters eventually. Be careful to choose the style you want. Some skates are for dancing, others for figure skating, and some are for those who provide coaching help to others. Choosing well ensures a comfortable fit.

Getting the Support Level Right

The support level is more useful the longer you spend on the ice each time you visit the rink. Whether you enjoy the sensation of skating around the rink as your abilities increase, or you just never want to leave, your feet eventually feel the pressure. The soles of your feet especially need adequate support. Each pair of skating boots, including figure skating ones, offer different support levels depending on the style, design, and materials. If you find that you have feet which don’t hold up well when jogging or working out, then you’ll probably want a greater level of support with your skates too.

Getting the Look Just Right

With figure skates, most styles start with the shiny blades and a white boot. However, from there, there are many different approaches to style. The different designs include colour inserts along the side of the boot for styling with the top of the collar and the area around the laces and lace eyelets using the same colour tone. Even the underside of the boot that attaches to the blade is often colour-matched to complete the overall stylish appearance.

Along with getting the boots that fit right and having the features you’re looking for to enjoy time on the ice, make sure you get a cool-looking pair that you’ll been proud to wear. The last thing you need is to be slipping into and lacing up a pair of ice skates that you’re not completely proud of. Showing off a little is the right of us ladies, so you never want to miss the opportunity to make a great first impression! You never know – your ideal partner could be at the ice rink tonight!


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