135 Mind-Blowing Ideas On Elbow Tattoos That Will Fascinate You!

Tattoos are one of the most trending things in every corner of the world. It is popular not just among teenagers or youths but also among adults. Tattoos do not bias any gender or profession. It does not even bias any culture or religion. Moreover, it has become one of the most fashionable things people would love to try on themselves. Out of many tattoo ideas, elbow tattoos have been popular and unique.

Well, talking about elbow tattoos, this might be a new thing for many people. Most of us think of wrists, ankles, shoulders, chest, and back when talking about the position of the tattoo. But some unique spots are there in our body where tattoos look extremely attractive. Out of all of these, the elbow is the one.

If you want to know what kind of tattoos look good at the elbow, or if you want to pick an elbow tattoo for yourself, you need to check out this article. It is okay, even if it is your first tattoo. Also, if you found out today only that even elbows can have tattoos, it is still fine. This page will begin from scratch, and you will end up with professionalism. Check out this article for detailed information on elbow tattoos.


Fascinating Features of Elbow Tattoos:

If you notice the shape of an elbow, it has a point. The point is when viewed by bending the arm, the elbow looks like a cone. Therefore, it can be the best spot for inking the spherical objects you see. If you are a professional tattoo artist and have never tried inking any elbows, you have been missing so much in your life.

If you are an extreme tattoo lover, then only you will be thinking about inking the elbows. Once all of the other spots are reserved by other tattoos, then you will think about inking elbows. Well, if you are planning to get your first tattoo on elbow straight without inking any other parts of your body, then you have to be a unique personality or somehow weird because this is an odd or less common spot for the first tattoo.

There are various reasons for people to avoid inking the elbows. As mentioned already, the first one is because it is less common. People do not ink their elbows because it is less visible than any other part of the body that are suitable for tattoos. The second and more practical reason is the extreme pain that comes along while inking elbows.

Significance of Elbow Tattoos:

If you are getting elbow tattoos, it means you have great tolerance to pain, and you are seeking some kind of spiritualism. This somehow ties you with spiritualism, too, even if you want to or not. It shall express your strength and your metaphysical imagery. So, people who want to show how strong they are, will get the tattoos on their elbow. This will not just make an image of their strength in front of others but also increases their confidence.

If you are wondering what kind of tattoos fit the elbows and laughing about the spherical tattoos by imagining some weird pictures, then stop. There are plenty of amazing spherical or circular tattoo ideas that have significant meaning as well. Out of all, mandalas are quite popular. They are of infinite types, and you can find of every type with extreme details. Another popular circular tattoo idea is Yin & Yang symbol, which is quite meaningful and is already a popular tattoo idea even in other parts of the body for inking.

As you see, the circle is symmetric in both axes. So, if you are planning to ink a spherical tattoo or circular tattoo on your elbow, you will also consider the symmetric nature of the tattoo. Well, it is not any kind of rule anyways. It is your free will, and it is completely fine even if you do not want to make it symmetric from the point of the elbow.

Features of Elbow Tattoos:

Elbow tattoos are quite impressive and come in different natures. If you have one, you already become an odd one in the crowd. Having a tattoo is cool, but guess what cooler is? It is – having an elbow tattoo! So, if you have one, it is alright to be a little proud of yourself. Well, most of you did not even know if an elbow can be tatted. And, some of you are here just because of this same curiosity.

But have been very advanced already. There are so many who have already gotten an outstanding design of a tattoo on their elbow. Once they lift their arm to bend it, people around them will obviously have a jaw-dropping moment because this location is not just a unique but most fascinating one.

The best thing about an elbow tattoo is, you can wrap it up while going to a formal event. It is not on your neck or forehead, which cannot be concealed. Wearing a quarter sleeve shirt will handle such a situation. But because this area is simply bone and skin but no flesh, there comes a big challenge, which is pain. 

Advantages of having Elbow Tattoos:


Well, having a tattoo in any area brings a lot of advantages. For the advantages, you get inked, right? So, you might know plenty of them already. But elbow is not just an ordinary part of the body when it’s about tattooing. It is one of those reasons which has some unique features. These, when merged well, will add more advantages than regular.

First of all, it is an indication of strength. When you have an elbow tattoo, you automatically become someone who is capable of high tolerance of pain. This will surely make you stand out in the crowd. While normally people find it painful to even ink the least painful area of the body, inking on the elbow or one of the most painful areas of the body is certainly a good move.

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It is believed that people who have inked their elbows are more appealing or alluring towards their opposite sexes. Or in short, people get attracted to those who have elbow tattoos, and it also somehow works like a sex magnet. This has to be one of the coolest advantages of having elbow tattoos.

Elbow is the only part of your body that will allow you to have some illusion kind of 3D tattoo. While the arm is straight, the tip of the elbow vanishes. But once you bend it, you can see the tip so clear as if it is the end of the cone. So, you can add some amazing tattoos like mandalas, Ying & Yang, etc. there. This is one of the most beautiful features of elbow tattoos.

Disadvantages of having Elbow Tattoos: 

There are little disadvantages to everything right. Even a coin has two sides. Just like that, everything comes with at least a few disadvantages. In the case of elbow tattoos, there is definitely more than one disadvantage. Find out the disadvantages, as explained below.

Well, it is you and me who finds tattoos awesome and cool. But not everyone has a similar view of tattoos. It is not just about the elbow tattoos, but in general, every tattoo is considered a wrong step; some of the people took. These are because of religious or cultural beliefs. Though tattoos associate with so many cultures and, in fact, it came out as an identity of some tribes, but not every culture supports tattoos.

Especially, old aged people will discourage you from getting tattoos. This is because it is going to modify your natural body, and they are simply against it. But well, it is your body, so it is up to you because you are not harming anyone but yourself. So, do not think much about others.

Another disadvantage of having elbow tattoos is pain. Well, this is a rather sensitive region, and inking it will surely blow your mind with pain as well. You need to be very strong and decide to ink this region only after a complete discussion with yourself. Do not make decisions in a hurry, which can create regret later.

Celebrities Who Made Elbow Tattoos Popular:

Many of the celebrities are seen inking themselves. It is quite a fashion mainly among Hollywood stars. It is not those celebrities who work behind the camera are always having tattoos, but even footballers, professionally popular entrepreneurs, businessmen, millionaires, etc. are having it. When a popular person does something, there is a crowd of people waiting to follow it.

The die-hard fans of the celebrities create more popularity of the thing when it is worn by their favorite stars. Well, becoming specific, the elbow tattoos are also quite popular among celebrities. It is seen that many have actually worn the elbows with colorful, unique, and meaningful tattoos. They have brought elbow tattoos into the limelight and have succeeded to some point.

Out of all the famous people out there, one cannot forget to mention the famous Hollywood actress Hilary Duff. She has it in her right elbow. It comes in a merged tattoo with a flying bird on the side. The elbow tattoo she has is a three words phrase that says ‘stand by me.’
Talking about the interesting celebrities who have elbow tattoos, one can also not mention pretty and fierce Ruby Rose! She is an Australian model and an actress who has a simple yet elegant skeleton key tattoo on her elbow, which is the center of attraction on her body.

Similarly, Debra Wilson & Chanel West coast also have elbow tattoos. They have a black circle surrounded by leaves in green color and a text that says ‘blessed’ respectively. These two people represent two different and complex ages of 53 and 27, respectively, which bounds every age group.

Healing Time & Procedure of Elbow Tattoos:

As already mentioned multiple times above, the elbow is a delicate and sensitive region that is prone to pain at an extreme level. This region has only bones and skin and least flesh. Moreover, it is a join region that connects bones together at a point. So, it has to be a painful procedure.

Whenever a needle rubs the area, the needle is felt close to the bone. This rub creates a lot of pain. And, even the healing is comparatively slow and painful. This region is going to heal slowly in comparison with other regions in the body. But it does not mean healing is impossible or something.

You need to take greater care during healing. Also, you are discouraged from making any kind of movement along with other general things one avoid after having tattoos like using public pools or rubbing the reason with hand or objects.

You need to wear sleeveless clothes or roll the sleeves up to the half where the tattoo does not touch the sleeves. If you maintain all the steps, the healing will still take at least two weeks to a minimum. So, plan to get your elbow tatted at that time when you have plenty of time to care for it until it heals.

Preventive Measures to Avoid Infections:

Most of the people are really careless about their body. They believe getting a tattoo is the end of the story. But in fact, what they do not know is, it is actually the beginning of the story. After you have had a tattoo, you need to be really careful for at least a month. Otherwise, there are chances that you get infections. The infection can also come when the inking is done with faults. The infection can be so bad that it can damage your skin or even cause cancer.

Some of the preventives measures to get rid of or avoid any kind of infections that come along with tattoos are mentioned below:

List of Preventives Measures:

  • Before you get the inking procedure to begin, make sure the needle is well sterilized, and everything is brand new. You would not like to use the needle that has inked someone else before you, right? Otherwise, you get the infection for sure.
  • After the inking is done, wrap the region well with a sterilized plastic. This will be staying in the region for at least 3 hours straight. After removing the plastic wrap, pour lukewarm water over it and again let it dry but do not touch it.
  • Do not make any kind of direct touches like with fingers and indirect touches like with hair or clothes.
  • Even if the region itches a lot, do not rub it. In case of extreme itching or burning sensation, visit your doctor or contact the same tattoo studio.
  • Do not use public pools for at least one month even after the healing is over to avoid infections.

The layer of tattoo skin comes out as if it’s peeled, but you do not make any efforts to peel the skin yourself but fairly let it come out itself. Otherwise, the ink will fade soon.

Ideas on Elbow Tattoos | mage Gallery:

This section consists of multiple images that show different kinds of elbow tattoos. You can find multiple designs that are all unique. These arms belong to different genders, religion, race, and show tattoos with color or without color. There is small, medium, and large size of tattoos. After all, what texts fail to describe is well described by the pictures. So, pictures are here to create the magic.

You simply check out everything and then pick something that fascinates you the most. These are the best ones on the Internet.


This section is to conclude about the mind-blowing elbow tattoos. Tattoos are already cool, and when it comes to elbow tattoos, they are the coolest of all. Some of the people might not even know that elbows can be inked too. But those who already know that elbows can be actually inked, also know that it is one of the most painful reasons for inking.

This article is here to clear every misconception, disbelief, and rumor about elbow tattoos. People actually get this place inked very rarely. This is not just because it is painful, but because people follow each other. And, only common things are copied. Those who ink elbows are already superior to other tattoo bearers.

Elbow tattoos are spiritually connected to bearers. It has a point, and it has some amazing features. Its point can be the center of the tattoo, and any round tattoo can fit there using all its symmetric position. There are so many meanings behind them. They look super cool, and you will find infinite ideas when picking elbow tattoos ideas.

Check this article for detailed information about elbow tattoos. You will fascinate yourself while going through it. There are multiple images that are all unique. There are advantages, disadvantages, meanings, and some other things one has to know about elbow tattoos.

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