Does your dog need grooming? How to tell when it’s time

Grooming is an important aspect of being a responsible pet owner. It not only makes your dog feel good, but it is vital for the health of your canine. Dogs generally take care of themselves. You may see dogs wipe off dirt and remove anything stuck in their fur with their teeth. However, they need your help to keep their lovely fur coats and nails in good condition. Proper grooming protects your dog from pests and improves their appearance.

How to tell your dog needs grooming

  1. By looking at your dog’s fur

Take a good look at your canine’s coat. Does it look dirty or matted? This is a sign your dog needs grooming. Matting of the dog’s fur is especially bad for their health. It can cause pain and eventually develop into a wound as your dog tugs at it. The dog’s coat should shine and look healthy all the time. Anything less means you need to groom your dog. There are many options when it comes to grooming your pet. You can do it yourself or get a professional to help you out. Mobile Dog grooming services are excellent for those who want a professional touch on the go.

  1. Your canine is uncomfortable

If your dog itches a lot, you need to get him some specialized grooming. The itching may be due to dirt or a pest infestation which, if left unchecked, could affect the dog’s health. If your dog’s fur is overgrown, to the point of covering its eyes, you need to have it trimmed down to comfortable levels. During hot weather, consider trimming your dog’s fur to keep it comfortable and prevent overheating.

  1. The dog’s nails are too long

Some dogs can trim their nails naturally by walking on pavements and roads often. If your dog spends a lot of time on soft ground, the nails will grow longer and can end up causing pain to the dog while it walks. Long nails can harbor dirt and germs that can get into a wound if the dog scratches too hard. During grooming, the nails are inspected, cut, cleaned, and trimmed.

  1. You notice bite marks on your dog

A dog’s coat is beautiful and essential, especially when the weather is cold, but it can also trap fleas and ticks. Because of the thickness, the fur provides an excellent hiding place for pests and give them enough room and time to damage your dog’s skin and health. When you notice a sign of bites on your canine’s skin, any excessive scratching, sores, or see any pests, take it as a sign to groom. Be sure to give your dog the appropriate treatment as well to rid him of the intruders.

Grooming your dog will depend on certain factors like its breed, fur length, coat type, etc. Regular grooming helps keep your pet healthy and happy. Remember grooming can be stressful, so find ways to calm your dog so you can get them through it.


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