Dishwasher Not Draining? 4 Ways You Can Fix Household Electricals

It’s a real nightmare when you have a dishwasher not draining, or a dryer not heating. This is especially true when you’re in the middle of a task. But what do you do about it? Usually, an appliance repair service is the only answer, and with them you know it’s going to be fixed right.

Did you know there are a few things you can try first? That’s right, you can DIY your way out of most problems! And they won’t break the bank either. These won’t work every time, but it’s well worth a try before forking out a lot of cash for a professional. Read on to find out what we recommend when you need to do some appliance troubleshooting.

Split Wiring

The problem often boils down to a simple split in the wire. This doesn’t mean you need to get a new washer or dryer. It’s super easy to fix. Get a piece of electrical conduction tape, you can simply wrap it around the wire. Voila!

You do need to be careful, though! Make sure you switch the electricity off at the fuse box to avoid any possible electrocutions. Then you will have a huge and potentially deadly problem on your hands.

Dishwasher Won’t Clean

We have all become very used to using dishwashers these days, so when one stops cleaning well, it’s a real nuisance. Not a lot of us have the time anymore to be standing over the sink for 30 minutes washing the days’ pile of dirty plates. Here are a few tips you can try before calling in the big guys. You will need their help if you come across the nightmare situation of your dishwasher not draining.

  • Rinse the dishes before putting them in.
  • The water temperature is too low. Turn it up a notch and see if it works then.
  • Try a different detergent. Hard water needs stronger detergent.
  • The screen could be clogged with old bits of food. Give it a thorough cleaning.

Before calling a repair service, check if you can fix the problem like this

If you try all of these, at least one will do the trick. Otherwise, you have a more serious problem on your hands. It’s well worth trying out these very cheap methods first.

Tumble Dryer Not Heating

You’ve got guests coming this evening, and you want to give your sheets a quick wash and dry. Nightmare strikes! The dryer isn’t heating and it’s raining outside. So, how are you going to dry them? You may need to buy a new fuse as this is the top reason for a dryer not heating.

Fuses can blow from time to time. It’s annoying, but not difficult to repair. You can pick one up easily at your closest hardware store, or if not, online. You need to locate it, but it’s not difficult. A quick search online for instructions is all you need for help.

Fridge Has Stopped Working

This is another irritating problem that can cause you to throw away a lot of good food. You won’t realize until a lot of the food has gone bad. Let’s get it fixed before anything else is too far gone to salvage.

Make sure the fridge is plugged in properly. Sometimes a small movement can cause it to come out of the socket. It sounds silly, but this can and will happen.

These tips usually do the trick if one of your appliances isn’t working

Next, you’ll need to check the thermostat and the seals on the doors. If there is a tiny space in any of the seals, your food won’t cool properly. If you fancy yourself as a DIY specialist, you can try to fix it yourself.

Get Out The Tools

As you can see, before picking up the phone, you should check if it’s something easy to fix. It usually is and can save you a lot of money. Pick up your tools and see what you can do yourself. Take care, though, as you don’t want to cause any more damage! Don’t be afraid to call a professional for advice before you start.


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