Dip Powder Nails: Everything You Need to Know

You have probably heard of dip powder nails recently since it has been receiving a lot of attention on social media of late. However, the process and the products themselves are actually not that new at all and salon experts have known about them for years. If you want to keep your nail polish on for weeks without it chipping off in places, this is what you will need and to know everything about it, read on.

What is it?

The dip powder process generally involves simply dipping your glued nails inside the dip powder container and sealing the colored powder with a single coat of clear polish, but depending on the particular manicure, it may differ slightly. Every shade and color that you can get with a gel or acrylic manicure is also available in the powder form and it’s a process that’s better, faster and safer than all the others.

Is It Really Faster?

Putting it on is a lot faster because of how simple everything is and whatever design or color you choose is a lot easier to put on with the dip powder process. Salons use it all the time, but it’s also an excellent at-home solution that you can use to paint your own nails.

It is a Lot Safer

Dust inhalation can be a health hazard while getting acrylics and gel manicures is not that safe either since it poses the threat of UV-ray exposure. Fortunately, the dip powder process is safer than both of them because neither of the aforementioned dangers is applicable in this mode of application. It should however be noted that the bonding is done with strong adhesive chemicals and the color used isn’t free from chemicals either. However, chances of any possible health hazards are no higher than traditional nail polishes and if you have been okay with using them so far, you have nothing to worry about at all.

Is It Really Better?

You already know that it’s safer for your body, but does it provide any real advantage in terms of fashion? Yes, it does and that’s why dip powder nails gained popularity in the first place. Check out the main advantages that the powder manicure has over gels or acrylics below.

  • It’s faster because the nails dry up almost immediately and you can do it at home with ease
  • The powder doesn’t stick to your skin and that’s great if you want to avoid messy looking nail jobs
  • It doesn’t start chipping within a few days and can last with up to 2 – 4 weeks if you use Revel Nail dip powder
  • You can do some amazing work with dip powders if you know how to

Are there Any Disadvantages?

Nothing comes without its own set of disadvantages and dip powder nails are not exempt from that rule either. The main problem with the procedure is that taking them off is hard and when done incorrectly, it can severely damage the nail bed. If you do take the necessary time and care in removing the color however, it shouldn’t really be a problem.

How to Remove Dip Powder Nail Colors?

Removing powder color from your nails is an important and sensitive process so the first thing you need to do is soak the nails in nail polish remover for at least half-an-hour. If the label says 15-minutes is enough, just ignore it and soak it for 30-minutes anyway. The paint should come off easily now and no harm should come to your nail beds. Never try to scrape the stuff off, whether you have dipped it in polish remover or not. Once the acetone does its job, the paint should come off with a few gentle rubs and in case it isn’t that easy, wait until it is.

So, should you try the powder nail colors for a change? There is no reason you shouldn’t if you have already been using nail polish for a while. Now that you know everything that there is to know about dip powder nails, you are prepared to order your first few Revel Nail colors and give this trend a try. After all, it’s just temporary.


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