Different Health Benefits of Yoga

For a practice that dates back thousands of years ago, yoga has become increasingly part of the modern generation. Maybe the fact that one does not have to be of a particular religion, ethnicity or culture to practice it could be the reason why it has gained popularity.

Better yet, it could be that people have recognized the health benefits they can get from this ancient practice, with the main ones being:

Improved flexibility

If every time you have to bend to tie your shoelaces, your back threatens to break, you need yoga. It not only makes everyday activities much easier to do but also helps to relieve the usual pains and aches that accompany them.

Increased blood flow

In this age when we are living sedentary lives, the blood flowing through our veins may need yoga to facilitate better circulation. When you can learn to do twisting poses which permit oxygenated blood to flow once you release the twist, you can ensure that your cells receive more oxygen.

Boosted immunity

If you keep falling ill, most probably your lymph glands have an infection. Yoga encourages the drainage of lymph which eliminates toxic waste products and assists the lymphatic system in fighting diseases.

Reduced blood pressure

When you cannot go a day without measuring your blood pressure for fear that it might be high, get into a yoga class and learn the Savasana or Corpse Pose. A study conducted revealed that practicing the Savasana reduced the systolic blood pressure by 26 points and the diastolic blood pressure by 15 points.

Better moods

Are you always grumpy? Yoga could help to make you happier. When you sit in the Lotus position, your body will increase the levels of serotonin and reduce the levels of monoamine oxidase and cortisol. Cortisol is a hormone known for causing stress therefore once its levels drop, the likelihood of developing depression goes down.

Improved concentration

If you are running a company and realize your employees are not as alert as you would want them, you should visit Yoga Kawa for some corporate yoga. Practicing yoga regularly helps to increase IQ scores, reaction time, coordination and memory. Your employees will have an improved ability to solve problems and remember information better without having to refer to files now and then.

Better sleep

When you keep tossing and turning throughout the night instead of getting your beauty sleep, you might be putting yourself at risk especially if you will be behind the wheel. Moreover, poor quality of sleep may lead to obesity, depression, high blood pressure among other illnesses. Some poses such as the yoga nidra and pranayama encourage your nervous system to relax by increasing the production of melatonin, which in turn helps you to sleep better.

Improved breathing

Pranayama aids in controlling breathing through breathing techniques and exercises. Yoga helps to increase the vital capacity, which is the maximum amount of air that the lungs can expel. Increased vital capacity is crucial for those suffering from respiratory conditions such as asthma. It encourages them to breathe through the nose which warms and filters the air of any dirt or pollen that can trigger an attack. Still, even if you are not sick, yoga will keep your lungs healthy.

Increased self-esteem

If you believe everyone is better than you; maybe their hair looks better, they are much smarter, or they have a nice body shape, yoga can do wonders for your self–esteem. Yoga has philosophical teachings in which people get to appreciate their wholesomeness; being thankful for the good and forgiving themselves for the bad. Through self-examination and accepting yourself as a manifestation of the Divine, your self-esteem will increase, much to your advantage.

Improved self-awareness

The meditation practice of yoga helps to build your self-awareness such that you realize the destructive habits and emotions that may endanger you and your relationships. According to studies done, the more anger you harbor, the higher your chances of getting a heart attack. Yoga enables you to remain grounded when calamity strikes.

Weight loss

If you have been struggling with extra pounds and no diet seems to work, it is time to consider yoga. Yoga increases the metabolic rate which means you will burn fat faster. Further, practicing yoga aids in hormonal balance restoration which consequently leads to normalizing of your body weight.


Whatever the reason you feel you can start to practice yoga, it is clear that you will have more benefits than even what you are seeking to achieve. From an increased lung capacity to better focus, get yourself a yoga mat and reap the advantages in full.