Dancing with the Stars Season 12 Episodes 10 and 11 “Week Six”

Tragic news, folks. My DVR flipped out and decided not to record the results show so please excuse the rather sparse recap for Part Two. I can give you the results, at least. Seriously bummed out that I missed Pia Toscano’s performance, though. Next week, I will record the original airing and the rerun just in case. I’ll make sure I have all the bases covered. Alright, let’s get started with the episode I actually got to see.

Part One: The Performance Show

Guilty Pleasures


It’s “Guilty Pleasures Week” this week on “Dancing with the Stars”, oddly appropriate for me as “Dancing with the Stars” is one of my biggest guilty pleasures. What does that mean? Glad you asked. All of our couples this week will be dancing to ‘guilty pleasure’ songs – the songs you love, but would never admit to loving.

Guilty pleasures like "MMMBop"?

With the theme in mind, what better to start the show than a performance by Hanson performing “MMMBop”. I sincerely love this song and I love this band. I must admit I’ve lost touch with their music over time. My first thought is wow, Taylor Hanson looks and sounds like a boy now. Pretty cute too. I feel old.

Kirstie and Maks: Week Six

Kirstie and Maks: Samba to “… Baby One More Time” by Britney Spears

Heard a rumor that Maks was hard on Kirstie this week during rehearsals. From the looks of the clip package, that’s true. I love that Kirstie is willing to fight back against Maks even though I’m pretty sure he’s right. I love that he’s pep talking her. This is definitely a softer side of Maks and I like it.

The Dance: Wow. That was pretty impressive. Kirstie Alley with a taste of what we saw that first week – that fire and talent that surprised us all. It seemed she may have gotten away from the choreography at one point toward the end, but I’m not entirely sure if that was intended or not. Lovely job and a lot of fun to watch. Also, she looked incredible and I like clean-shaven Maks. Nine from me.

Professional Opinion: Len started off talking about the unfortunate events that have befallen Kirstie in weeks passed and said she hasn’t “fulfilled the potential I saw week one… until today”. Bruno loved it as well shouting “hit me Kirstie one more time”. Carrie Ann proclaims Kirstie is back and says she wants to see Kirstie in the finals. Agreed.

The Scores:

  • Carrie Ann: 8
  • Len: 9
  • Bruno: 9
  • Total: 26
Chris and Cheryl: Week Six

Chris and Cheryl: Tango to “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey

I love that we got to see a little bit of “Fozzy” (the band Chris sings in) because Fozzy is about the only thing I liked about Chris Jericho before “Dancing with the Stars”. In the rehearsal clip package we see that Chris is having a lot of trouble with the timing of the tango. I hope he pulls it together for the dance. I like him and I’d like to see him stick around.

The Dance: Something seemed a little off about the performance to me, but I’m not entirely sure what. Chris didn’t seem quite as confident in this one. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t great. The audience loved it though, so perhaps I’m the one that was off on this one. I give it an eight.

Professional Opinion: Bruno took Chris to task for turning into a “lump of granite” and for losing time finishing by calling it “cold, uneventful and a bit lumpy”. He did say, however, that he thinks Chris has talent and more or less chalked it up to an off night. Carrie Ann agreed with Bruno, even if she did feel he was too harsh. Her feeling is that the pressure got to Chris and he wasn’t having fun. Len somewhat disagreed with Carrie Ann and Bruno, admitting the performance lacked intensity but adding he felt Chris did an excellent job, overall.

The Scores:

  • Carrie Ann: 7
  • Len: 8
  • Bruno: 7
  • Total: 22
Romeo and Chelsie: Week Six

Romeo and Chelsie: Waltz to “My Heart Will Go On” by Celine Dion

I might be one of the only people in the world that didn’t like “Titanic”. Regardless, Romeo chose this song because he remembered seeing this movie when he was eight and being a hopeless romantic from that point on. He immediately shows that by hitting on Chelsie and sticking his tongue out at her. I love that kid. I really do. Chelsie wants to get them to the top of the leader board and get him that elusive ten. Call me crazy, but I think they could do it.

The Dance: Pausing for a moment to write my little recap, I have to say that got a ten from me. That waltz was absolutely beautiful. It was heartfelt and moving. It was elegant and graceful. It’s hard to believe that a few short weeks ago I sincerely had doubts about these two. I’m actually nervous to press play again.

Professional Opinion: Carrie Ann calls it magic and says something amazing is happening with Romeo. Len says that for a young man, Romeo dances with great maturity. Bruno calls Romeo “Romeo DiCaprio”. Len and Bruno both criticize his form, but I didn’t see any problems with it at all.

The Scores:

  • Carrie Ann: 10
  • Len: 9
  • Bruno: 9
  • Total: 28
Chelsea and Mark: Week Six

Chelsea and Mark: Quickstep to “Walkin’ on Sunshine” by Katrina and the Waves

“I was a cheerleader. I cheered on people and no one got kicked off the team.” – Chelsea

Mark was injured during dress rehearsal! Oh no! These two are tied for my favorite couple of this season with Kirstie and Maks. I hope it’s nothing serious. I love the rehearsal clip package. Chelsea seems so sweet, but it’s nice to know she does have that competitive drive.

The Dance: I’m concerned the judges (*cough*Len*cough*) won’t like the props, but I thought it was great. From beginning to end, it was fun and entertaining. I love Chelsea and I love that Mark is willing to push her. Very well done. Nine from me.

Professional Opinion: Len felt they managed to “infuse high energy with control” but felt there were a few problems with the footwork. Even so, he called it fun and gave them a “well done”. Bruno said it was so “bright and luminous” that he was getting a suntan but went on to point out a problem with the hold (or something). Carrie Ann said it, like Romeo and Chelsie’s waltz, was magic. A second ten tonight?

The Scores:

  • Carrie Ann: 10
  • Len: 9
  • Bruno: 9
  • Total: 28
Kendra and Louis: Week Six

Kendra and Louis: Samba to “Livin’ La Vida Loca” by Ricky Martin

“Well… my boobs aren’t what God gave me.” – Kendra

Last week, Kendra sort of somewhat almost redeemed herself in my eyes during the results show. I’m wondering if we’ll continue to see that this week. She looks like she’s having a lot more fun and I’m not hearing the normal complaints. I’m optimistic about this one.

The Dance: I… don’t really know. I liked it a lot. It was fun. It was sexy. She looked confident, but she seemed like the dance was a bit too big for her at times. She seemed almost frightened or like she got a bit lost in the steps. Still a great dance and I loved the gutsy decision to have her shake it on the judge’s table. I’d give it an eight.

Professional Opinion: Carrie Ann says Kendra showed she could be a contender but needs to work on the technique a little bit. Len said the more Kendra gyrated, the more he ‘palpitated’ and added “last week we had a spark, this week we had a fire”. Bruno called it “the revenge of the stripper”, “attack of the killer boobs” and invited her to “do it” while sitting up on the judges table.

The Scores:

  • Carrie Ann: 8
  • Len: 8
  • Bruno: 9
  • Total: 25
Hines and Kym: Week Six

Hines and Kym: Viennese Waltz to “End of the Road” by Boyz II Men

“I feel like the water’s my fans.” – Hines

Does this song really count as a guilty pleasure? One of my favorites. Anyway, I’m always excited for Hines and Kym and this week was no exception. I loved hearing Hines wanted to be in Boyz II Men. I’d love to hear him sing! I also liked getting to see him practice at home. He’s very dedicated and it shows when he hits the ballroom.

The Dance: Beautiful. Also, I really thought the band did a great job with the song. I loved it even though I kind of felt Hines was a wee bit off at times. With tens already handed out twice tonight, I have to believe we’re about to see another one. I didn’t like it quite as much as Romeo’s performance, but it was still lovely. I’d give it a nine but it’s so close to a ten.

Professional Opinion: Len called Hines the M.V.P. – “Most Valuable Partner” although he did criticize him for being “a bit flat footed”. Bruno calls the performance, “pure pleasure from start to finish” and praises Hines’ chemistry with Kym. Carrie Ann says she felt like Hines didn’t get into the dance as much as he normally would.

The Scores:

  • Carrie Ann: 9
  • Len: 9
  • Bruno: 9
  • Total: 27
Ralph and Karina: Week Six

Ralph and Karina: Paso Doble to “Gonna Make You Sweat  (Everybody Dance Now)” by C+C Music Factory

“I’m not fifty.” – Ralph

I’ve been sort of up and down with Ralph until this point. There’ve been times that he’s wowed me and other times that he’s done the exact opposite. The rehearsal clip package shows Karina trying to figure out a way to incorporate some of Ralph into the dance. They go with the “wax on, wax off” thing from “Karate Kid” and it seems to work. I’m excited about this one.

The Dance: Holy shit! What the hell is going on this season? Karina takes a nasty spill only a few moments into the dance and Ralph has to help her back to her feet. Even so, from there on out, it was a solid dance. They got back in sync and finished strong. I’d still give it an eight. My only real problem with the dance (aside from the fall, obviously) was that Ralph seemed frantic. That may have been the result of trying to get back on track over the fall.

Professional Opinion: Bruno acknowledged “the incident” but admitted he “started to feel the fire” and said he was “encouraged” by the performance. Carrie Ann praised their recovery after the fall and said “the way they got back up put the rest of the dance to shame”. Len praised Ralph for pulling Karina back up and getting her back on her feet. As they cut to commercial, you can see Ralph asking if she’s okay. I’m not sure how she is. That was a nasty tumble.

The Scores:

  • Carrie Ann: 8
  • Len: 8
  • Bruno: 8
  • Total: 24
The Special House Band

Summary and Predictions

It was a crazy night. With the fall and special guests Hanson performing bits of guilty pleasure songs like “Ice, Ice Baby”, “Cum on Feel the Noise” and “Achy Breaky Heart” throughout the night there was a lot to take in by the time the show was over. At the end of the night, this is how the leader board looked:

  • Romeo and Chelsie – 28
  • Chelsea and Mark – 28
  • Hines and Kym – 27
  • Kirstie and Maks – 26
  • Kendra and Louis – 25
  • Ralph and Karina – 24
  • Chris and Cheryl – 22
Bruno and Tom share a laugh at Bruno's expense.

All I have to say about Tom showing his guilty pleasure video – “I’ll Still Standing” by Elton John featuring a younger, scantily clad Bruno as a dancer – is… well, I’m not sure how to put fits of laughter into text. I’ll give it a shot. Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha! *gasp* Hahahaha! Beautiful. My favorite part? Bruno calling Tom a bitch. Gold. Pure gold.

Romeo and Chelsie hear the judges' comments.

The night was notable for more than just Hanson, Bruno’s shameful past and the second fall of the season. Tonight also marked the first night that the lauded ‘10’ appeared – first for Romeo and Chelsie and again for Chelsea and Mark. This is a super close race, so I have no idea who I expect to go home. I’ll make a random, shot in the dark prediction and say Chris and Cheryl even though I don’t necessarily think it’ll be so. My only reason for choosing them is that they landed at the bottom of the leader board. To be honest, it’s a shame anyone has to go home because it’s a strong group and everyone is talented.


Part Two: The Results Show

Apparently, the results were handed out in order of scores last night with the top of the leader board being sent to safety first. Eventually, it was Chris that got the boot. From what I hear, he made a joke about the Royal Wedding and generally had a great attitude about the whole thing. I’m sincerely going to miss his presence this season. Wish I could tell you about the performances. I imagine Pia Toscano was absolutely amazing, but alas, until I can figure out how to watch the episode, I won’t know for sure. I’m in Canada, by the way. Videos from the ABC website don’t work for me which makes me very ragey. Anyway, hope you all enjoyed the recap and if you say the show, I hope you enjoyed that as well.

As for my thoughts on Chris going home, I can’t say I’m surprised. As I said in my recap of the performance show, this is anyone’s game. I’ll be back with my recap again next week; hopefully with a little more to say about the results show.

How do you feel about the results? Should Chris have gone home? If not, who should’ve gone home instead. Sound off in the comments section below and as always, if you enjoyed my recap, share it with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. Thanks for reading and make sure you come back next week to find out who goes home next!


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