How to create a brand image for your company

All companies need some sort of brand. A brand is what sets them apart from other companies, lures in customers and defines who they are. If you have a company and want to take the next step and give your company a brand image, here are some tips.

Keep your company in mind

Your brand should be a reflection of your company. When it comes to designing your image you should keep in mind what you do, why you do it and what makes you special. Your target customers should also be one of the main motivations behind your brand image. Keep your company ethos close to your brand image. Overall, avoid making design choices based only on aesthetics and don’t try to mimic the image and style of bigger brands. Your brand image should be authentic and you should be able to explain and justify your brand image with ease.

Be bold, but not too bold

Having a brand image that’s mismatched and busy is just as bad as not having a brand image at all. It’s important to exercise a certain amount of restraint when it comes to designing your brand and it’s a big challenge to be eye catching at the same time as minimal. Your color palette should be limited, but at the same time interesting and recognizable. The same goes for your logo and website. Make it interesting, but keep it simple. Too many colors, too much information and layouts that are too busy can be off putting and unpleasant. Remember the words of Coco Chanel: “before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take at least one thing off”. You can apply the same philosophy to your brand image. Before you release it into the world take at least one thing away. Hopefully you’ll be left with something simple but effective.

Wrap it up with a bow

This can be taken literally and figuratively. The way you package your products and services plays a big part in the branding of your company and going the extra mile can really help you establish loyal customers. When it comes to supplying services, a few complimentary gifts that have your company name and contact information on them can keep you at the forefront of your customers’ when they need another similar service. If you’re selling products, stylish and brand relevant packaging and bespoke printed bags can make your customers feel extra special. The right kind of packaging and bags can even be recycled and reused by your customers, so they’re getting a gift in addition to their purchase. Tote and canvas bags are definitely a customer favorite and if you’ve got your brand image just right your bags can even become a desired accessory.

Keep it consistent

Brands don’t always stay the same. Companies rebrand all the time and tweak things here and there. But, in the end, there is always something about their brand that remains consistent. If you try to change to much or haven’t properly defined your brand image then no one’s going to recognize you. Make a decision about some of the important aspects of your brand image – your colors, your logo, your slogan – and commit to it. When you keep your brand image consistent then making improvements will be a lot easier and your company will have a more distinguishable identity.


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