Crawly Creeps! 8 Of The Most Difficult Housebugs To Get Rid Of

Every once in a while, you get some visitors in your home that overstay their welcome. Even when you start getting downright nasty, they still don’t seem to get the message.

No, we’re not talking about your neighbor who comes over for dinner uninvited and wants to discuss politics. We’re talking about house bugs that have decided your pad is ideal, and just won’t leave despite your eviction order.

Some of these bugs are more difficult to remove from your living space than others. Here are 8 of the most stubborn house bugs people deal with regularly…

  1. Bed Bugs

Turns out when your mom used to say, “sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite,” she was being literal. The truth is bed bugs are very real and they’re not limited to unclean spaces – they can affect everyone. It’s how you deal with them that makes the difference.

If you see a bed bug, it’ll be an oval-shaped insect that is wingless and brown, about the size of an ant in some cases. One might have hitched a ride in with you, but there’s also the potential there could be more inside your home. Check all of your bedding, baseboards, furniture, and carpets for signs of an infestation as these bugs breed like crazy.

If there’s many of them, it’s time to call in the professionals.

  1. Cockroaches

They say cockroaches are so resilient, that they will exist even after a nuclear holocaust. Whether that’s true or not isn’t that important at this moment. You just want to get creepy crawlies out of your kitchen before your dinner party next week.

The problem is that cockroaches are not only resilient, but they also hide well too. So locating them can be a challenge. That means potentially eliminating any spaces they can hide in or behind (hint: cockroaches love stacks of newspapers and magazines too as sources of food and a place to defecate.)

Get all of your belongings off the floor if possible, unless they need to be there.

  1. Ticks

These little critters are associated with Lyme disease, which causes a distinctive rash, flu-like symptoms and worse. While people are generally cautioned to check for ticks after they’ve been on a walk through the forest, these little buggers can also hitch a ride right onto your property putting both humans and pets at risk.

There are ways to prepare the land around your home to reduce the likelihood it will attract ticks. One way is to keep deer away from your property using fencing, which will lower the chance of deer ticks invading your space. A licensed professional may also have to apply pesticides to control the problem.

  1. Centipedes

These creepy looking bugs love to surprise you in places you least expect it, like when you’re half-awake and draw back the shower curtain. They are also very fast, so you often only have one shot to take it out before it scurries into another hiding spot. After all, you’d probably be faster too if you had 15 legs.

Centipedes love eating other bugs, so by eliminating some of the other pests in your home, you may successfully convince the centipedes to move onto greener pastures.

  1. Ants

Do you have ants in your pants – when you’re sitting watching your favorite television show? Chances are you have an ant problem, or you’ve been rolling around outside on an anthill.

While you might want to step on the ant as a reflex, it’s wise not to. The visible ants in your home are scout ants, meaning their job is to bring food back to the colony.

This is your chance to put down the right kind of poisonous bait so they unwittingly bring toxic meals back to their buddies. If you put out bait and initially see more ants, that’s a sign it’s working.

Identifying the ant will help you know more about its nesting habits. There are more than 10,000 species of ants, and Florida ants account for about 10 of them.

  1. Termites

Not only do they look creepy, but termites can cause serious damage to your home. While they’re as small as ants, they have big appetites and can gobble up support beams that can lead to structural problems.

Despite the popular belief, termites like the taste of other materials aside from wood. That includes plaster and metal siding, and even insulation. It’s no wonder termites are blamed for an estimated $5 billion in damage in the U.S. every year (and your home insurance policy probably doesn’t cover termite infestations.)

The key is destroying their nest, and that might require professionals to locate it with advanced imaging techniques. Placing poison traps near the colony is the next step. To help keep them away, you can try simple things like moving your firewood further away from your house.

  1. Flies

Even seen a group of flies congregating on a window sill? It’s not pretty. It’s also a sign that your fly problem is out of control.

Flies are annoying, there’s no denying that. Most of them are pretty hard to catch too unless you’re good with chopsticks. However, what you may not know is that flies can carry diseases.

The best way to control them is to lure them into a trap with sugar and water (you can make one from a soda bottle), adding vinegar to keep other pests away.

You can also plant mint and basil around your home may help deter flies from wanting to gain access to your home in the first place. Replace the weather stripping around doors and windows too to limit access points.

  1. Spiders

Spiders aren’t bugs per se, they’re arachnids. But the purposes of this article, we’ll allow it because of spiders bug people – a lot. Many people suffer from arachnophobia, and spider bites can be pretty nasty too.

They do help by controlling some of the other pests that have been mentioned, but that doesn’t give them a free pass. Unlike ants, you should kill spiders as soon as you see them before they wedge themselves into space you can’t reach. Clean up any webs you see, as they could contain eggs.

Close The Door on House Bugs

A few insects here and there probably isn’t the end of the world, but house bugs are annoying and could be a warning of an infestation. Get ahead of the problem before it needs professional help!

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