Cramped Career Campaigns

Do you ever feel you were meant for so much more than the job you are doing right now? Are your talents wasted? Do you long for a career that means more to you than just a wage packet? Well, signing up with recruitment agencies may help you expand your horizons and get a feel for what else is out there. After all, you spend so much of your life at work it’s important that you enjoy it and you feel fulfilled.

Being unhappy with your job is a perennial complaint. According to a survey carried out in 2010 by CBS in the States an amazing 55% said they weren’t satisfied at work. In the UK it’s slightly better but nothing to write home about. So get your certificates and references to hand and get your CV up to date. With that task complete go online and submit your resumé to a CV search site and see what jobs you are qualified for. On certain sites you may even get headhunted.

Recruitment agencies themselves also advertise for your services. They need applicants for work as much as you need them to help you find a job. For a German company jobsintown, an extraordinary campaign based on placing posters on the side of appliances and public utilities pretending to show that each machine has a cramped worker inside. With a comical tagline of ‘Das Leben ist zu kurz für den falschen Job’ (Life is too short for the wrong job). Have a look at some jobs you really do not want to do.

Airport Bag ‘X-Ray’ Machine Worker

Do they use X-Rays or just a bloke who quickly rifles through each and every bag?

Arcade Game Worker

Think your computer is too slow to play the latest games? Pop down to an arcade and take your frustrations out on a dedicated machine. Just remember to thank the poor guy inside who does all the flashing lights and groovy sound effects.

Jukebox Singer

The next time you drop some silver into a jukebox try and pick short, simple songs. The guy inside will certainly appreciate it.

Launderette Worker

Despite their decline in recent years, launderettes still provide a valuable service for those with lots of washing to do.

Passport Photographer

Photography is a respectable enough job. Make sure you apply for a genuine post and not the cramped behind-the-scenes fella.

Petrol Pump Attendant

How many times do you complain about the price of petrol and diesel? Considering you have a poor guy drilling down through the Earth’s crust, pumping it out, refining it and then delivering it to the pump for you, it actually seems good value for money.

Cafe Worker

The catering trade has never been so popular thanks to a slew of related TV shows. Fancy coffees are cool – as long as you drink them, not prepare them.

And finally…

Children’s Entertainer

What better job is there than that of keeping kids happy? Of course any parent knows it harder than it looks but give a thought to the staff who go that extra mile for your children.

Guest blogger, Greg Coltman, has had a few jobs that make his CV look rather bizarre. Going self-employed was the only choice left to him.