Is Cosmetic Surgery The New Face Of Womanhood?

Undergoing the knife is a decision no one can make lightly, and whilst the popularity of rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty and abdominoplasty continues to rise, some consider cosmetic surgery to be the new face of womanhood. But is it? There a countless reasons why women seek the best hair transplant in Turkey, as well as to save money on their complicated procedure or simply because they want to. Find out the reasons why cosmetic surgery is becoming the new face of womanhood below.

To Boost Self-Confidence

An increasing number of women (and men) around the world are turning to professional cosmetic surgery to improve their self-confidence, whether it be a breast or forehead lift or a tummy tuck. Some may even undergo the knife to reverse the signs of aging or repair sun damaged skin. No matter the reason behind cosmetic surgery, one of the main motives behind it is to improve self-confidence, which is why so many women feel as though they need to alter their natural looks in order to fit in with society today.

To Make A Partner Happy

Whilst we all try to be, nobody is perfect, and unfortunately, many women choose to undergo cosmetic surgery to make a partner happy. Of course, we know that this is an entirely wrong reason to put your health at risk for a body or particular look your partner desires, but some feel as though they have no other choice. We strongly suggest that you don’t have cosmetic surgery because your partner dislikes your stretch marks. Instead, look for stretch mark removal cream or consider laser removal as a safer, and less expensive, option. Or, just embrace them – you got it, girl!

To Be Like The Celebs

Another reason why cosmetic surgery is rapidly becoming the new face of womanhood is because women across the globe want to look just like the celebs. Whilst it is impossible to be a spitting image of the likes of Kim Kardashian, Beyoncé and Cara Delevingne, women will do anything to look like the stars, whether it means undergoing surgery or investing in the best teeth whitening treatment.

For Better Health

Whilst many women undergo cosmetic surgery to improve their appearance, others go under the knife for a different reason. An increasingly popular reason behind cosmetic surgery is for better health. For example blepharoplasty, otherwise known as eyelid surgery, helps improve the appearance of under-eye bags and reduces the obvious signs of wrinkles. Liposuction, on the other hand, is the perfect solution for those who struggle with trouble spots – no matter how many tummy crunches they do! And breast reduction? Hundreds of women seek breast reduction each year to ease back pain and improve posture.

Why Not?

Despite the desire to look like one of the world’s hottest celebrities, cosmetic surgery is becoming the new face of womanhood simply because women want to have the surgery. There might not be a particular motivator or reason behind the desire to get a face lift, and they might not be undergoing the knife to make a partner happy – and that’s completely fine. After all, if you had the money sitting around, wouldn’t you?


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