How Are Corporate Amazons Made?

We get inspired everyday by successful women who are at the top of their industries.

We crave to know their secrets and how they manage to do it all. Or at least, find it somewhere in their daily routines. From CEOs of multimillion dollar enterprises, to A-list actresses, and famous entrepreneurs and innovators, these women know a thing or two about how to effectively manage time and resources to achieve their goals, while minimizing stress.

But one misconception people have about accomplished women is that they operate like machines, and therefore they think, eat, drink and digest work round the clock. Wrong. They don’t have to burn themselves out to reach those heights.

In fact, Sheryl Sandberg, COO of the world’s biggest corporation, Facebook, says leaving work at 5:30pm, regardless of what happens, is one of her secrets. She simply had to be home to have dinner with her kids.

Here are a few other daily routines of some of the most successful women you may learn from:

They meditate first thing in the morning and last thing at night

Women CEOs of some of the world’s biggest corporations say meditation helps them to get a clear head, and a healthy mind and body in the morning as they set out for the day’s task.

The editor in chief of AOL Huffington Post Media Group, Arianna Huffington says practicing yoga and meditation is a big part of her morning ritual.  But she doesn’t always have to go the whole hog. She just takes a minute to breathe deeply, count her blessings and be thankful, and then set her intention for the day.

Founder and CEO of Blooming Founders, Lu Li says she never skips her nightly guided mediation. What she simply does is to lie in bed and play recorded meditation for up to an hour, which helps her to wake up in the morning feeling fresh and more mentally alert.

They set goals

Even though most people pay lip service to setting high but achievable goals, setting goals and actually committing to it is one trait that distinguishes women with a stellar career or profile. And the fact they are women serve as extra motivation, rather than a barrier.

Loren Brill, who runs Sweet Loren’s, an all-natural pre-packaged cookie dough says after her early morning mediations, she likes to picture her wins for the next day or week. With that, she can feel a good flow of thoughts and creative ideas popping in her head, which she quickly notes down to create a priority list to focus and plan with.

They don’t miss their daily supplements and regular exercises

Most successful women CEOs and entrepreneurs make sure to integrate a workout session in their weekly schedules, an old favorite or anything that works for them to keep their body and mind in tip-top shape.

For maximum results, they complement it with the right fruits and supplements to boost mental and physical health, memory, cognition, and stress reduction, among others.

The right supplement or nootropic will also help burn fat, and are great for use for pre or post-workout sessions.  Good quality vitamins and fruits are certainly a fantastic way to kick start the day!

They have ‘me-alone’ times

‘Do-nothing’ times are one of the best ways to spend time for improved performance and efficiency subsequently. Smart women understand the need to carve out time to just sit with themselves and concentrate.

With an often activity-packed day, setting aside alone moments is a powerful weapon to rid the mind and body of negative vibes and feelings like excess weight, depression, boredom, and creative blocks.


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