130+ Eye-Catching Coffin Nails Ideas to Reinvent Your Manicure Style

Coffin nails have become very popular in recent years. However, the fashion in the field is very changing. Even so, the fact that this year we can wear them too and still be trendy is a pleasant surprise. This type of manicure looks better on long nails, since the tips should be elongated and square. However, this nail shape makes any manicure look gorgeous, no matter what color or style you choose.

As it follows, we will better explain everything about this type of nails, the various styles you can try with them, as well as how to shape your nails like this at home. In addition, we have prepared more than 130 nail designs suited for this manicure type. In other words, you will find out everything you need to know about ballerina nails in this article.

1. Highly decorated red coffin nails with patterns and stones

2. Matte black nail polish combined with two accent nails

3. Opaque nails achieved with gradient colors and mandala patterns

4. Nude nails embellished with pink flowers on accent nail

5. Monochrome nails that match the woman’s lipstick color

6. Ballerina nails done in gray and animal print accents

7. Mosaic nails achieved with natural colors and gold foil

8. Coffin nails fully covered in golden glitter

9. Gradient nails go from transparent to yellow tips

10. Perfectly groomed nude nails styled in the shape of a coffin

Main Characteristics of Coffin Nails Aka Ballerina Nails

The time when wide nails or short to medium nails were trendy are gone. The obvious favorites now are long nails, as well as pointy tips. However, it seems like the nail industry is still not prepared for radical changes. By this we mean that fashionistas had to find a middle ground between the square shape of the nail and the triangle shape. In addition, they also had to find a solution for women who want to have long tips, but not the type that looks too extravagant. So, in this way, coffin nails were born.

The name given for this particular shape of nails is not at all dark. Even if they are called coffin nails, they do not refer to anything related to that but the shape itself. One fun fact about this nail style is that it is also called ballerina. This is because of the shape of the nail itself. If you think about it, it resembles the shape of the shoes worn by ballerinas. The latter are called pointe shoes.

11. Shorter nails featuring a Christmas theme

12. Simple white nails made more interesting with a sparkling accent

13. Full on shininess achieved on coffin-shaped nails

14. Amazing nude to gray gradient with the addition of nail accessories

15. V-shaped patterns and rhinestones attached to white nails

16. Flawless matte, dark green ballerina shoes nails

17. Sunflower design done on long nails

18. Pearl pink nail polish combined with glitter glaze

19. Tiny bow glued on ballerina nails makes a cute ornament

20. Long coffin nails painted in a very bold color

Particularities of the Pointe Shoes Shape

The shape of the pointe shoes that ballerinas wear is the exact shape of this nail style. More specifically, it is a combination of two shapes, namely square, almond and stiletto. So far, there is nothing new. However, what makes these nails special is the straight, perpendicular line with clear angles along the edges. In other words, we are talking about the shape of a diamond, with cut corners.

In their development stages, ballerina nails went through several transformations. They range from classic to avant-garde designs. In this regard, the nail industry is ready to offer fashionistas many interesting varieties of the coffin nails. Among these varieties we can count long length manicure, that can go as far as looking Gothic, as well as more delicate and feminine lengths. The latter are characterized by softer edges and pastel color coatings.

21. Matte dark red nails without imperfections

22. Pearly shade of pink looks excellent on long, nicely shaped nails

23. Nails that have a decoration theme, namely Mickey Mouse

24. Nude manicure goes well with this nail shape

25. Holographic nails stand out with this type of manicure

26. Ballerina manicure done with matte Laura G nail polish

27. Defined nail shape adorned with pastel pinkĀ 

28. Shiny white glaze applied professionally on long nails

29. Pearly is the keyword for this particular manicure

30. The accent nails made the entire manicure more interesting and stylish

Are Ballerina Nails Suited for You?

Coffin nails, despite their less graceful name, are considered quite bold and shocking. They are associated with independent and purposeful women. Moreover, they are best combined with formal suits, rather than romantic dresses. However, a well-chosen design will make it possible for you to get a rather delicate version out of this strict geometric shape, suitable even for a bride.

This particular nail shape can be called universal. This is because it suits everyone. Its shape adapts well to various natural plates, various shapes and hand sizes. So, do not be afraid that such a design will catastrophically not suit you. After all, if you take into account the length and shape of your fingers, the color of your skin and other particularities of your hands, the pointe variation can correctly result into a small manicure masterpiece.

Interesting Fact: The first to promote this trend to the masses were the famous pop diva Rihanna, and the outrageous queens Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner. It was them, who look nothing like ballerinas, who became the faces of this nail shape.

31. Chrome V-shaped tips used to design a chrome manicure

32. Cheerful nail design done in contrasting colors

33. A combination of mosaic nails, nude nails and glitter nails

34. Transparent nails are the divas of this manicure type

35. Transparent nails with white geometric patterns stand out

36. Girly ballerina nails feature pale pink and glitter

37. Mosaic nails combined with chrome nails work excellent for this manicure type

38. Coffin shaped transparent nails amaze with their design

39. This manicure type features different designs for each nail

40. A combination of nail decorations, matte glaze and shiny lacquer

Bending the Rules for Everyone to Get Coffin Nails

Initially, this type of manicure had strict rules:

  • Ballerina nails were only done with the help of nail extensions;
  • Their length was only from medium to long;
  • The pointe shoes shape had straight lines and clearly defined angles at the tips;

With their increasing popularity, however, this style became less edgy and accepted a number of changes. As a result, the following variations appeared:

  • Coffin nails can be done from natural nails. The only requirement would be for them to be strong enough in order to be shaped like this;
  • However, if your natural nails don’t grow long and they are not strong enough for this shape, you can still try it on short nails;
  • One of this season’s changes would be the soft angles. Even so, there is a fine line between oval nails and ballerina nails;

41. Glitter and rhinestones make this short manicure really stand out

42. Gold and nude nails are a combination you can’t fail with

43. Mosaic and decorate nails look best on a longer manicure

44. Pastel colors combined with glitter for a romantic manicure

45. Beige is a neutral shade used for every nail shape

46. Ballerina nail long enough for a realistic rose design to fit in

47. Shimmery nail polishes confer the impression of galaxy nails

48. Short ballerina nails decorated with a funny pineappleĀ 

49. Fully transparent manicure relies on the afferent decorations

50. Studded accent nail completes a fancy manicure

Step by Step Nail Shaping as a Coffin

Despite of how complicated coffin nails are to achieve in theory, they are quite simple in execution. Of course, there are differences between shaping natural nails and those achieved with the help of artificial plates.

The Coffin Shape Done on Natural Nails

First, you need to decide how to proceed when cutting your nails in this shape. Everything should be simple here. This is because you already know that this shape is a combination between a square and a triangle. Accordingly, you need to use a nail file and a nail clipper, choosing the most convenient way for yourself.

Method 1: It is necessary to determine the length of your ballerina nails. Next, cut off all the tips in a straight line. Then, you have to use a nail file to grind down the sides of your nails. This must be done at an angle of 45 degrees.

Method 2: You can start the other way around, by first using a nail file to shape the sides of your nails. Next, you have to just cut the tips equally, in a straight line.

As for the execution of this nail shape on short nails, you’ll be surprised that it is even simpler. However, in this case, you should be extra careful when cutting the tips. In other words, you must be careful not to cut the tips too narrow. Otherwise, they will look funny, just like a chopped-off triangle. At the same time, you shouldn’t leave them too wide either. This is because the whole effect of the ballerina’s pointe shoes will disappear and your nails will most likely resemble the shape of a square.

51. Pearly nuance of pale pink applied on even coffin nails

52. Nude nail colors highlight a perfect nail shape

53. Black, nude and white is a wide-used color palette

54. Turquoise and glitter nail design idea for edgy nails

55. Really long acrylic nails painted in a nude color

56. Gradient nails hue goes from skin to white

The Pointe Shoes Shape Achieved on Artificial Nails

It is widely believed that nails in the form of a coffin look better on artificial plates. This is because such shape requires the nail plates to feature a certain degree of strength. Luckily, you can have your nails done with artificial materials. In fact, your nails will look more elegant and more natural with this technique.

The technology for creating the ballerina shape on artificial nails is not fundamentally different from that in case of natural nails. The only difference is when you begin to shape the nail. So, the artificial material must first be fixed on the nail. Next, the shaping process begins. In order to speed up the process in case of artificial materials, it would be best to use a coarse-grained nail file. Then, you should fix the result by softly polishing the edges.

57. Complex decorative designs drawn on a long, white coffin nail

58. Army style can be reproduced on nails too

59. Finished manicure in a nude shade for simplicity

60. Winter themed nails feature matte purple and drawings done in white

61. Shiny coffin nails look like coffins

62. Dark nails embellished with multicolored glaze

63. Manicure idea presents white and mosaic nail patterns

64. White, nude and gold is an infallible combination

65. Glitter, roses and a chrome nail applied on coffin shaped nails

66. Romantic and girly manicure done on ballerina pointe shoes shaped nails

67. Medium long manicure highlighted by matte polish for nails

68. Nautical tattoo matched with bright baby blue nails

69. Extravagant nail design featuring all different nails

70. Elegance and distinction starts with your nails

Design Variations for Coffin Nails

  • Nude golden nails are the perfect combination of extravagance and elegance. Nude matte colors are very nicely complemented by glossy gold shades. This combination emphasizes the ballerina nails.
  • Green mint is the color of summer. So, any combination with it is welcome. Next to nude shades, you will create an energetic and feminine manicure.
  • The marble design has a special effect on ballerina nails as well. Even if it seems difficult to do, it is not, and your nails technician will definitely know how to do them. But given the space required to do the marble effect, it only goes on long nails.
  • Matte nails are characterized by a truly magical finish. Put a lighter color on the tip of the nail and create an elongation effect that compliments your newly shaped nails.
  • Counterbalance a glossy chrome nail polish with matte glaze. The result will be wonderful. The chrome colors will draw attention to your nails, which will be elegant and trendy.
  • Ballerina nails are perfect for French manicure variations. You can opt for purple, which is a mysterious and regal color. Thus, you will get a seductive and feminine manicure.
  • Holographic manicure is a fairly new trend that you should try, especially if you have ballerina nails. The holographic pigments reflect light in all colors of the rainbow, giving a superb effect. Also, this type of nail optically lengthens the nail, so your nails will look even longer than they actually are.
  • No other nail shape looks so harmonious and cool with rhinestones. You can use decorative stones that cover all the nails, but it is advisable to only cover one or two nails. These are called accent nails.

71. Classic manicure embellished with a glitter nail

72. Coffin nails can be matched with your shoes

More Design Ideas for Your Newly Shaped Nails

  • You can decorate your nails with various patterns and drawings. However, the most effective option right now is geometric painting. This is because clear lines perfectly emphasize the spectacular geometry of the nail.
  • One of the trends of this season is the stained-glass nail. This one adapts perfectly to the diamond shape of your nails. The most important thing, however, is for your nails to be clear and straight. A fantasy stained glass nail with curved edges will visually deform its shape.
  • Another option would be painting your nails in the aquarium technique. Naturally, such design is only possible on fake nails.
  • For beginners in nail art, you can use stencils or nail stickers. They will allow you to create a delicate beautiful pattern with a wide variety of motifs.
  • A white base provides the perfect canvas for your nail design. You can show off your skills and imagination by creating the abstract design of your dreams. Floral motifs are especially popular, as well as adding decorative details in the form of Swarovski crystals, gold or silver spraying. However, monochrome snow-white nails are no less charming.
  • Red is a color that is always associated with passion and energy. Long ballerina nails are perfect for such bright colors. The latter will emphasize your manicure and determination. Choose from many shades of red (from orange to burgundy) depending on the season, event or your mood.
  • Painting your coffin nails black will make them look Gothic. If that’s what you’re after, then it’s just fine. You can, however, make them prettier by diluting them with light patterns and other decorative elements.
  • Geometry on nails has become a real hit. It is better to decorate one or two fingers with geometric patterns and leave the rest painted with plain glaze.
Follow These Rules for a Healthy Manicure

As it follows, we will present a few hygiene rules that will help you maintain the health of your nails and hands. Regardless of the shape of your nails, these rules apply in every situation. So, let’s find out which are the main guidelines.

73. A few golden strips for nails make a big difference

74. Glitter and white nail polish were used to create patterns

75. Silver foils as well as glitter create nice effects

76. Paint each nail differently if you’re looking for diversity

77. Ballerina shoes called pointe shoes are shaped like these nails

78. Another combination between mosaic and chrome effects

79. Try this manicure if you can’t decide between shiny and matte

80. Properly cut nails in the shape of a coffin

Hygiene Considerations for Your Fingernails
  • Don’t bite and / or eat your nails. Biting your fingernails is usually very harmful to your nails. This is because it gives them a carefree look and softens them excessively.
  • Wear rubber gloves when cleaning. The reasons why you should wear rubber gloves when cleaning is that cleaning solutions contain toxic substances that affect both your skin and nails.
  • Do not wash your hands too often. Although it may seem strange, excessive hand washing favors a damp environment. Thus, nails tend to get thinner and exfoliate.
  • Wear gloves during the winter. Low temperatures affect the structure of the nails and lead to exfoliation. So, wearing gloves is the best idea. However, if you chose to flaunt really long nails, buy larger gloves.
  • Apply sunscreen on your hands. Why is applying sunscreen important? Because the sun rays have negative effects not only on your skin, but also on your nails.

81. There’s plenty of room for decorations on coffin shaped nails

82. The fascination of matte colors comes in every possible shade

83. Glittery tips compliment a shiny, white manicure style

84. Black and matte nails are close to looking like stiletto nails

85. Excellent gradient nails done in dark red and black

86. Highlight your nails with a bright color like this one

87. Medium long nails groomed properly and polished with a nude shade

88. Very pointy nails look similar to stiletto nails

89. Really long fingernails painted with pink glitter lacquer

90. Special effects are more likely to be created on long nails

91. White and rhinestones can make you feel like an Ice Queen

92. Thin, black lines are an excellent addition to monochrome nails

93. Striking visual impact shows transparent acrylic nails without glaze on

94. Ballerina nails look edgy in dark, matte colors

More Hygiene Tips for Your Fingernails
  • Don’t forget to take your vitamins. In this regard, you should know that the white punctures that appear on your nails announce the lack of vitamins in your body. More specifically, we are talking about lack of calcium.
  • Massage your cuticles. Massaging your cuticles with moisturizing creams is important because they should be protected and in no case cut.
  • Always carry a nail file with you. Carrying a nail file with you at all times is recommended. This is because it’s not okay to leave a broken nail unfixed. The crack with get worse.
  • Consume a lot of protein. Proteins are essential for the health of your nails and for strengthening them.
  • Take care of your skin after washing your hands. A healthy and hydrated skin means healthy and hydrated nails.

95. The realism of the roses is simply striking

96. Boring gray nails rescued by a glittery accent nail

97. Copper is the central color of this manicure style

98. Vertical nail designs make the nail appear longer

99. Everything about this long manicure is shining

100. Color combination ideas for this nail shape

101. Ombre nails done with similar colors

102. This is how nude coffin nails look like

103. Especially shiny manicure combined shades of blue and purple

104. Holiday nails suited for the Christmas period of the year

105. Pretentious nail designs are available for everyone

106. The simplest way to highlight a clean manicure

107. Nails that shine bright like fire and diamonds

108. Impeccable application of red wine nail lacquer

109. Nail design idea for the cold holiday season

110. Professional manicure done on coffin acrylic nails

111. Add a touch of elegance to your nails with this design

112. Pointy ballerina nails ornamented with rhinestones

Are You in Love With Coffin Nails Yet?

After looking at so many coffin nails designs, as well as learning so much about their shape and execution technique, you should be in love! If this is your case, then you will be glad to know there are more ballerina nails designs waiting for you in this article! In case you’ve found your favorite one already, then look no further!

We encourage you to pick your favorite ones and share your preferences with us in the comments below! Or, do you have any nail designs ideas suited for this nail shape? If your answer is affirmative, then share them with us!

113. Nails type suited for ballerinas as well

114. Chrome nails or holographic nails for daring women

115. Coffin nails actually decorated like coffins with golden stickers

116. Classic French manicure performed on coffin shaped nails

117. Rose gold chrome effect shines very bright

118. Galaxy nails covered fully in purple and glitter

119. Mosaic nails stand out among matte colored nails

120. Monochrome ballerina manicure done on long nails

121. Match the color of your nails with your favorite purse

122. Simple black manicure for properly groomed fingernails

123. Pink, fuchsia, as well as diamond effect on nails

124. Nails that look like the sky at night

125. Refinement can start with such a manicure type

126. Work with pink and silver glitter to obtain this effect

127. Chrome nail polish changes color depending on light

128. Olive green is a very bold choice in color for your nails

129. A studded nail is all you need for this type of manicure

130. Glitter used more or less for each nail

131. Simple ballerina nails done in natural colors

132. White nails must be kept looking flawless at all times

More Coffin Nails Designs

We leave you with a few more ballerina nails designs. They are especially suited for everyday life and for women with girly tastes in particular.

133. Going nude for your nails is always a good idea

134. This nude purple shade is very fashionable at the moment

135. Pearly shades of white are recommended as well

136. A few sparkles is all you need for your nude nails

137. Pink glitter goes with pink nude nails



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