Celebs Weird addictions

You cannot talk about celebrities and forget to mention about their addictions. In the past, addictions were only attached to drugs and alcohol. But this has changed, drugs don’t even cut it, celebrities have turned into other addictions which you will gladly deem weird. Take a look at some of the addictions.


Partying! Yes, partying. It’s weird, isn’t it? Most celebrities today seem to be obsessed with going to or holding parties. With up to millions of dollars for the party and presents for friends, some celebs are taking partying to another level. To some, it seems like a competition as parties attended by a celeb among the celebs is rated the best. The lengths in which these celebs go to ensure they do not miss any party is just shocking. Some celebs prefer lying down in hospitals where they are injected with fluids better known to them as hangover treatment just to attend another party. Who would have imagined that hangover required treatment? Some parties hosted by many celebs in this century are even x-rated, but society has excepted this new concept, and everything seems fine.


Celebs are not celebs if the whole world hasn’t recognized them yet. Although most of the celebs are already famous, having achieved a celeb status, they still yearn for more attention from followers. To ensure they maintain and gain more fame, they go to great length of buying expensive jewelry, starting a new fashion or even custom made perfume, purchase vast acres of land and even running for political seats. The most common way is to undergo plastic surgery and major operations to change how a particular body part looks; female celebs fall in this category. Other celebs are also addicted to tanning; it has made them famous.

Fashion Trends and Jewelry

Every celeb walking on the red carpet wants the fashion Television talking and discussing what they wore for a whole week. This has resulted in some competition among the celebs, the goal; to have the best in the carpet. However, some celebs have taken this to a whole new level with some now addicted to some bizarre products such as shoe handbags jewelry to perfume.

Shoe addiction is among the top in this category, especially to female celebs. Female celebs have occasionally confessed publicly of having bought too many shoes than they can wear. Shocking is the fact that most of these shoes are weirdly expensive with one fetching up to $1000. Some celebs go to the extent of asking favorite shoe brands to have their shoe custom made. It is shocking that one can get so much obsessed with shoes that she can have a whole room full of shoes. Megan Fox is well known for her love for shoes and admits it publicly.

Handbags are still popular with the female celebrities. Most of these celebs ask for custom made. No celeb wants to be carrying a handbag similar to someone in the street or even among them. It is reasonable to have your name on it.

Buying expensive jewelry

Jewelry is another fantastic product some celebs are genuinely addicted to. Female celebs have these characteristics of wearing an expensive earring, necklaces, and buckles that cost up to a whopping million dollars. The cost might be justified as most of this jewelry is made from precious stones such as gemstone, diamond, and gold.

Gambling, betting and online gaming

Betting is a popular way to spend your time while making money on the go. Most celebs engage in online gaming, betting and a larger percentage is into gambling. Robert Pattinson and Ben Affleck are well known among the celebrities as big gamblers. This is quite a weird addiction but using up to half a million dollars just for gambling might prove uneconomical. Most celebs often use online gambling sites as this avoids paparazzi and even media. These online gambling sites offer a lot of brands such as Royal Vegas and Jackpot city in one place as compared to traditional casinos. One gets to deal with several sites, and sometimes the returns are high than the stake. Other times, you just lose money, at extreme ends, you might be bankrupt.

Sugary food

It is common to hear that a particular celeb has a drug addiction or alcohol addiction and very rarely a sugar addiction. Most celebs have been diagnosed with dental diseases such as extreme cavities and rotten teeth and to more serious complications such as diabetes. Ozzy Osborne, for example, is a singer who loves sugar puffs that he always ordered them directly from the company that processes them. England being the only country that processes them it means he has them imported.


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