Party like a Grown-Up: Adult Cupcake Recipes and More

There are things in life we never outgrow:  Disney movies, candy, coloring books, merry-go-rounds, our favorite stuffed animal, catching fireflies and parties. Over 21+ parties do not have to be the same old veggie tray,...

King of Sweets: Bengali Rasgulla Recipe

Rasgullas are a very famous Bengali dessert loved to be had by everyone all around the country, even the world! They are known as ‘Roshogulla’ in Bengali and is a home-made ‘chhena’ or ‘paneer’...

Potatoes in Curd Gravy Recipe (chukauni)

Aloo has always been food that I could happily eat at ANY point in time of the day! Be it the fried and salted French fries, be it aloo ke pakode at teatime, be...
Baigan Ka Bharta

Baigan Ka Bharta Recipe (with matar mashed eggplant with peas)

If I ask you what are the things that come to your mind when I say the words “Indian culture”….there will be a long list that you will give me, that I’m sure….what I...

Creamy Goodness with Cheesecake Cupcakes

A cheesecake is one of the more decadent desserts to bite into. A baked cheesecake combines the firmness of cake with the creamy and rich texture and taste of cream cheese. Cheesecake cupcakes are...
Butter Chicken

Butter Chicken (Microwave Recipe)

How to Make Butter Chicken  in Microwave India’s most “loved” dish….one that you just wouldn’t be able to say NO to (well, if you’re a non-vegetarian!)….thick, creamy, divine gravy….buttery naan to go along with it…....
chicken croquettes

Chicken Croquettes Recipe

If you are a foodie (which I’m guessing you are if you are reading this!)…then you know how significant is the role of a snack at times when you are entertaining a few guests...
Grilled potatoes with chicken breast

Grilled potatoes with chicken breast Recipe

GRILLED POTATOES WITH CHICKEN BREAST         By Baba Pandey Published: July 18, 2011 Chicken is one of my favorite foods to eat. But more than chicken, it is potatoes that I’ve loved all my life, even as a...
mutton with potatoes

Mutton/Lamb With Potatoes

Mutton/lamb curry with Potatoes is a very simple dish to make. It tastes great; the ingredients are simple and very basic. The red meat tastes out of this world with all the strong spices....

5 Warm Winter Dishes

Well now that the dark nights are here and it’s getting colder, why not try some soul satisfying casseroles to warm the cockles of your heart. There is nothing better than coming home to the...