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Talking to Your Kids About Sex: 10 Things You Need to Know

Having 'the talk' with kids is never easy; even for the most relaxed and easy going parent. What you say will have a great impact on how your kids feel about sex and how...

10 Steps to Planning a Great Family Vacation on a Budget

For most families, vacation comes but once a year if it even comes that often. For that reason, you want your family vacation to go smoothly, be fun and most importantly be memorable for...

Are Your Kids on Drugs: 10 Warning Signs to Look For

Little is scarier to the parent of a teenager than the knowledge that, despite your best efforts, so many things could go wrong and this very important stage in their lives. Drugs are always...

Planning the Perfect Slumber Party for Your Teenage Daughter

I still remember my very first slumber party. I had six friends over for my thirteenth birthday. I don’t know how my mother didn’t go out of her mind. Six just barely teenage girls...