Do women have a sixth sense?

The sixth sense is another term for extrasensory perception (ESP). ESP involves the reception of information not gained through the usual senses nor from an internal source. The expression "sixth...

Funny Valentine’s Day treats

Funny Valentine’s Day treats Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day has taken firm root in the commercial calendar. Is it a post January sales retail conspiracy to play on our guilt or a genuine...
women tears

Do Women Cry More Than Men?

Crying is defined by Wikipedia as the act of shedding tears in response to one’s emotional state (or to the emotional state of others, if you’re empathetic). Those in the medical professions call the...

Are Women More Philanthropic Than Men?

As women, we probably feel that we’re loving, giving, nurturing creatures to whom philanthropy comes naturally. Well, researchers at Indiana University have proven us right! The Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University recently released...

How can women make money online?

With the internet playing such a significant role in our everyday lives, it is no surprise that working online has become so popular. Perfect for students, stay at home parents and anyone wishing to...

Crazy Treatments Celebs Use To Look Young

So we all know the beauty mantra for taking good care of yourself - drink plenty of water, eat well, cut down on caffeine and alcohol, don’t smoke and use a good moisturiser and...

Top 5 Girl Superstitions

When humans started living in groups, one of its first concerns was that the world around was full of mysteries. There were questions, and hardly any answers. Many of the questions still persist, but...

What makes a good relation good?

What makes a good relation good? There are a lot of things that are required for two people to feel that they are in a good relation. But, no matter who makes up the...

Is it easy to be a female?

Determining the sex of a child is not a function of the effort of the parents most times. This implies that parents hardly ever determine the sex of their children. Although, these days, science...

The Most Embarrassing Illnesses to Contract Abroad

Hands up who has caught the dodgy tummy bug while off on your jolly holidays? How many hands? Most of us will catch something we don’t really want when we travel abroad and no,...