Is it easy to be a female?

Determining the sex of a child is not a function of the effort of the parents most times. This implies that parents hardly ever determine the sex of their children. Although, these days, science...

The Most Embarrassing Illnesses to Contract Abroad

Hands up who has caught the dodgy tummy bug while off on your jolly holidays? How many hands? Most of us will catch something we don’t really want when we travel abroad and no,...

Halloween Themed American Weddings

The pealing of bells heralds the beginning of a typical wedding but in the States, have the Americans conquered the Halloween themed wedding where gothic overtones and eerie undertones accentuate the happy day? To start...
Cosmetic brush for applying the powder mineral makeup

Trends in makeup: permanent and mineral makeup

Every woman wants to be beautiful and pretty with little effort and in short time. In terms of make-up  the solution is the permanent makeup. Permanent makeup correct various facial imperfections or enhance certain...

Ten Women Racing Drivers Prior to 1960

When you think of professional racing how many of you think immediately of female drivers? Now, be honest. Formula 1, GT and rallying is almost exclusively a male province. True, there are some notable...
lover dance

Creative Date Ideas to Plan Your Next Night Out

You may be quite busy with your life that no matter how many dates you go on, having a good one requires one who can master the art of seduction. In fact, creative date...

Celebrity fashion inspiration from the 60’s

This showcase shows some of the celebrity fashions in the 1960’s, from the early 60’s Hepworth suits, narrow trousers, lapels and a thin ties., to the late 60’s crazy wide flares, ...

How much money to (DO) women generally spend on a holiday

As thrifty as women are with shopping for the family's food and essentials, they sometimes spend more than men when they book a holiday, and they may also spend more when...

Are Women Superior Than Men??

It is imperative to emphasize that there is no question of equality between men and women. Nature created them as the opposite sexes of the same species and this alone renders...
After rolling the perfect Joint

How to Roll the Perfect Joint

Whether a spliff, a left-handed-cigarette, a twig, or something you’ve come up with all on your own, there comes a kind of smug satisfaction in rolling a joint you can truly be...