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foods rich in calcium

Calcium Rich Foods List

What Are The foods rich in calcium? Everyone knows what calcium is and why it is needed. Generally calcium is only related to strengthening our bones and teeth. But there are other functions which depend...

Five Questions You Need to Ask Yourself Before You Get Pregnant

Babies are adorable. The desire to have a child is not at all uncommon whether you’re married and have been for several years or whether you’re single and plan to stay that way. A...

The Most Expensive Holidays in the World

I bet you’re more than familiar with the cheap package holiday by now. With the advent of budget airlines slashing prices using a sell ’em cheap, pack ’em in marketing strategy, nearly everyone has...

Old Wives Tales for Common Ailments

Recently I got the chance to hop on a ferry to France crossing from Dover to Calais with my parents for a lovely shopping spree. I did however develop a very sore throat on...

Completely Ridiculous Souveniers

We’ve all been given a completely ridiculous souvenier at one time or another. With some people it’s like a running joke. They try and out do each other by bringing home the most naff...

Films you might not know were made by Disney

Ask someone to think of a Disney film and you can be assured of the titles you’ll get in reply. ‘The Lion King’, ‘Beauty and the Beast’, ‘101 Dalmatians’ and ‘Bambi’ are all familiar...

Heiress Protecting SUVs

Young, rich and undoubtedly beautiful heiresses to fortunes and thrones need protection from those individuals who would threaten their safety. In their opulent homes, sophisticated security systems and bodyguards take care of their charges...

10 free things to do in London

I love London, so much to see and do. It can, however put a dent in your finances if you let it. Firstly for most visitors, you need to get into the city. Trains...

Most shocking ingredients in makeup

What is make up made of? Would you believe slugs and snails and puppy dogs tails? OK, not quite, but snail secretion is used as an anti-aging ingredient, cochineal beetles are used in lipstick...
one night stay is for you or not

How To Decide Whether A One Night Stand Is For You: The Pros &Cons

You often hear it said “the best way to get over someone, is to get under someone else”.  Yet in a time and era where sexually transmitted diseases are rife; and women's sexuality is becoming far...