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Best Cocktail Bars Around the World

Not for you the foamy mug or the bubbly flute- oh, no. Your beverage of choice requires the skills of a talented and experienced mixologist. It isn’t plain and simple, nor is it boring...

Awesome Bus Conversions

Buses: Dirty, smelly, sluggish things that dawdle along and make you late for meetings. Perhaps I’m being unkind; after all, I’ve used public transport for years. On regular routes the service can be convenient...
foods rich in calcium

Calcium Rich Foods List

What Are The foods rich in calcium? Everyone knows what calcium is and why it is needed. Generally calcium is only related to strengthening our bones and teeth. But there are other functions which depend...

The most expensive ways to cure your sweet tooth

There’s nothing quite like expensive and/or exotic grub. Such culinary delights are a welcome change from the usual pork chop recipes or sausage sandwiches which frequent my average weekly repertoire. Needless to say this...

Best cooking apps

There’s simply no escape from the world of cooking these days. Whether it be TV ads with celebrity endorsements, Masterchef programmes or recipe websites, there is now no excuse for those who claim they...

Food as art

One of my favourite topics is food, and it seems that food which is sculpted in to art is quickly gaining popularity in the creative world. Finally we seem to be learning from cultures...