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Awesome Bus Conversions

Buses: Dirty, smelly, sluggish things that dawdle along and make you late for meetings. Perhaps I’m being unkind; after all, I’ve used public transport for years. On regular routes the service can be convenient...

9 Tips for Making Banana Ice Cream in a Blender

Banana ice cream or nice cream is all the rage. It’s a delicious, healthy and refreshing snack that can be made right in your blender at home. The final product is sweetened by whole...

His Heart Drinks Wine :)

Everyone knows that beer is for pubs and sporting events. Read any sword-n-sorcery book in the world and sooner or later you’ll find the hero and company down at the local bar hoisting a...

How to Resist the Temptation of Eating Restricted Foods When Dieting

It is frustrating when you try your best to follow a diet plan, but you always feel tempted to eat what you cannot. Most diet programs ban you from eating certain dishes. Some ideas...

Top 10 Weirdest Diet Crazes

People, and women in particular, have been known to try just about anything to lose weight. If there’s a so-called “easy” way to lose weight fast, we’ll try it. Throughout the years, there have...

4 Tips To Prevent Selling Alcohol to Minors

Few things could be more important to any business licensed to sell alcoholic beverages than to ensure that drinks are not illegally sold to those under the legal drinking age (21 in most states.) Even...
foods rich in calcium

Calcium Rich Foods List

What Are The foods rich in calcium? Everyone knows what calcium is and why it is needed. Generally calcium is only related to strengthening our bones and teeth. But there are other functions which depend...

5 Best Chef Knives to Have in Your Kitchen

Cooking is a calculated process which requires attention every step of the way, especially when cutting ingredients. They must have specific sizes and shapes, while you make sure the process is quick, effective and...

Don’t Fall for Fad Diets: Just Go Vegan

C'mon, admit it: You've tried at least one fad diet in your life. Hopefully, not one of these 10 weird diet crazes but probably something equally strange and ineffective. It didn't work, did it? At...

Espresso Beans Vs. Coffee Beans – How Do They Differ?

Chances are that one of the first things you have in the morning is caffeine. There is already much talk on how they affect the health of a person, and how it serves the...