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Party like a Grown-Up: Adult Cupcake Recipes and More

There are things in life we never outgrow:  Disney movies, candy, coloring books, merry-go-rounds, our favorite stuffed animal, catching fireflies and parties. Over 21+ parties do not have to be the same old veggie tray,...

The 10 Most Famous Celebrity Chefs in the World

Let me start this off by saying there are a whole lot of extraordinarily talented, very well known chefs that did not make this list. I tried to only choose celebrity chefs who have...

Women and Red Wine: 5 Surprising Benefits

Red wine’s health-boosting benefits have long been touted as yet another excellent reason to imbibe without guilt. So long as it is consumed in moderation, the much-loved elixir appears to do more good than...

5 Delicious Fruit & Veggie Smoothies for Alcohol Detox

Sometimes a hangover feels worse than many diseases. Devastating headache, nausea, severe fatigue, and mood swings are only a few symptoms you experience in this obnoxious condition. Your only desire is to get rid...

Top 10 Weirdest Diet Crazes

People, and women in particular, have been known to try just about anything to lose weight. If there’s a so-called “easy” way to lose weight fast, we’ll try it. Throughout the years, there have...

Why are Eating Disorders More Common in Females? Your Questions Answered

Why are Eating Disorders More Common in Females? Have you or your friends struggled with disordered eating. Learn the answer to the question, "Why are eating disorders more common in females?" Between 0.3 and 0.4% of...

Food as art

One of my favourite topics is food, and it seems that food which is sculpted in to art is quickly gaining popularity in the creative world. Finally we seem to be learning from cultures...

Why Are Meal Delivery Services So Popular in the US?

If you love food but have no time to cook, you are the perfect candidate for meal delivery. Meal delivery services are popular in the fifty states and have become a norm for most...

This Mother’s Day Serve Her A Luxurious Breakfast

Show the mother in your life just how much you appreciate her by putting together a luxurious breakfast and serving it right when she wakes up. If you pair your homemade dishes with a...

The Strangest Diets in the World

Dieting has become a much hyped word these days with all the obesity issues being faced by people of the developed and developing countries. With the kind of attention this topic  is getting in...