Level up the Fun…Host a Fancy Dress Party

Live life flamboyantly because you only live once…and the time to do it is now! Are you the kind of person who lives to work or one that works to live? If you have...

Famous men in makeup

More and more men today are not shy about being fashionable, styling their hair, whitening their teeth, plucking their eyebrows, or even wearing makeup. It's no surprise that with modern society's...

Crazy Treatments Celebs Use To Look Young

So we all know the beauty mantra for taking good care of yourself - drink plenty of water, eat well, cut down on caffeine and alcohol, don’t smoke and use a good moisturiser and...

Halloween Themed American Weddings

The pealing of bells heralds the beginning of a typical wedding but in the States, have the Americans conquered the Halloween themed wedding where gothic overtones and eerie undertones accentuate the happy day? To start...
Cosmetic brush for applying the powder mineral makeup

Trends in makeup: permanent and mineral makeup

Every woman wants to be beautiful and pretty with little effort and in short time. In terms of make-up  the solution is the permanent makeup. Permanent makeup correct various facial imperfections or enhance certain...