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Guyliner is Gay

6000 years. That’s a long time. That’s how long the human race has been applying makeup. From the Ancient Egyptians to the Ancient Romans and Greeks, facial makeup was a staple...

Weird Baby Substitutes

Babies are mini-humans, not pets or playthings that you can do with as you please. Is my point of view really so naïve? I’ve always thought that children are a privilege, not a...

10 of the Funniest Google Street View Images

Google’s Street View tool for Google Maps allows users to see certain parts of the world via panoramic images. The tool allows you to visualise your exact destination and even get a feel for...
cat driving car

Cute animals driving cars

For some inexplicable reason, we humans love animals to imitate our own actions. It could be a strange sort of narcissism. Sometimes we recognise it occurring naturally, but sometimes we just have to force...