Eat Smart & Live Healthy with the Best Foods for Weight Loss

Supplement your strenuous workout routines and fitness sessions with a diet rich in the best foods for weight loss. Satiate your appetite and stay healthy as well, by choosing to eat smart to lead...
Fastest Ways to Lose Weight

Healthy Steps for the Fastest Ways to Lose Weight

Weight loss is a subject that many of us have poured over, worked from every angle, and, in some cases, still come up wanting. For many of us, there seems to be a constant...

Scary Beauty Pageants Kids

Most little girls get into their mother’s makeup at some point and try on lipstick, mascara and eye shadow. Usually they slather it on in roughly the right places and end up looking a...

How to Lose Weight without Spending All Your Time at the Gym

Losing weight is a goal many women have but few women really know how to achieve. Losing weight isn’t easy and looking for a quick fix is only going to lead to disappointment. With...

Creepy Train Station Art

Train Stations are traditionally quite creepy and are not normally the most exciting places to spend any length of time in, they are rather dull, uninteresting and grubby, but a select...

Noomi Rapace New Horror and Adventure

I have recently developed a bit of a crush, or be it in the imaginary one on a certain Swedish actress called Noomi Rapace or rather the protagonist Lisbeth Salander. I think the foot...

Cool tram artwork

When it comes to public transport there’s nothing quite like a short hop in a tram. The very first passenger tram was a horse drawn affair that had its maiden voyage on...

On the Road to Successful Weight Loss, Health and Fitness

When your body loses its groove, it’s time to prioritize how to lose weight fast and keep it off. Health is about more than just losing weight; staying healthy and fit requires effort but...
glass milk

Crazy health claims – fact or fiction?

Over the centuries quacks, charlatans and the seriously misguided have convinced the great and gullible of their potent healing powers and practices. Desperate people seeking cures, beauty, weight loss and eternal life are often willing...
women six pack

Women’s Way to a Six Pack

Women having six pack abs are becoming a trend today. For some it adds a femme fatale feel for others it’s just a choice. Either way, getting a six pack or maybe just having...