vaginal discharge

Vaginal Discharge: Simple Answers to Common Questions

First and foremost, let’s answer the most common question about vaginal discharge. Vaginal discharge is completely normal and is something every woman experiences. You body produced this fluid as a way to keep your...

How to Shrink Fat Cells: 10 Different Ways to Reduce Your Waistline

Do you dream of having that slim waistline that will make you the envy of all your friends? You may feel like it's a lot of work, but really making a few lifestyle changes...

5 Steps to a Healthy Relationship

In our modern society it seems like relationships fall apart faster than ever before. However, just because 40% of all marriages in the US fail, doesn't mean it's impossible to have a healthy relationship...

How to Maintain and Maximize Liposuction Results

In the cosmetic industry, there are a list of different procedures that patients can go under in efforts to reshape their body. One of the most popular options available today is liposuction. If you...

10 Ways to Help a Loved One with Anorexia

Today’s media and society place pressure on women, telling them that in order to be attractive they have to be unnaturally skinny.  Because of this more and more women feel inadequate and try to...

Scary Beauty Pageants Kids

Most little girls get into their mother’s makeup at some point and try on lipstick, mascara and eye shadow. Usually they slather it on in roughly the right places and end up looking a...

5 Best Ketogenic Protein Powders & Low-Carb Diet Shakes

There are many ketogenic protein powders available in the stores and it can prove quite complicated to choose the best especially when considering dietary needs. All the keto protein powders in the market contain...
women six pack

Women’s Way to a Six Pack

Women having six pack abs are becoming a trend today. For some it adds a femme fatale feel for others it’s just a choice. Either way, getting a six pack or maybe just having...
glass milk

Crazy health claims – fact or fiction?

Over the centuries quacks, charlatans and the seriously misguided have convinced the great and gullible of their potent healing powers and practices. Desperate people seeking cures, beauty, weight loss and eternal life are often willing...

Top 10 Haunted Mines

This weekend we are off to Cumbria on a little adventure in the next few days and I’m really excited to get back there. But we have had to arrange some car hire UK...