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What Happens If a Cavity is Left Untreated?

A routine check-up is very important for your overall oral health. Not only will it keep your teeth cleaner, but they can ensure there is nothing wrong with your teeth like a cavity. What...
Pregnant on My Period

Can I Get Pregnant on My Period? Everything You Should Know on the Topic

There are many myths regarding pregnancy. One of them is that you cannot get pregnant on your period. The thing is that, whether you wish to avoid pregnancy, or you want to conceive, you...

Autoimmune Disease: The Monster Hidden in Plain Sight

Your body is made of billions of cells, and each one of those cells has a tag, or marker, that identifies it as part of you. Your immune system protects your body by seeking...
vaginal discharge

Vaginal Discharge: Simple Answers to Common Questions

First and foremost, let’s answer the most common question about vaginal discharge. Vaginal discharge is completely normal and is something every woman experiences. You body produced this fluid as a way to keep your...

2 Secret Steps To Weight Management get

Do you stand in front of the mirror every morning looking at yourself and wishing that your body weight was somewhat better? Or have you tried various diet and remedies, and you end up...

12 Awesome Disney Fan Artworks

With 30% off hotel, park and transport and free hotel accommodation and transport for the under sevens until the end of September, there’s not much time to get your booking in for what will...

How Technology Is Bringing Efficiency and Productivity in the Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry is the top government concern all over the world. In the US alone, the annual healthcare expenditure has risen by 5.3% in 2018. By 2026, this is expected to reach 20%...

Oral Health Hygiene Tips To Follow in 2020

A new year has begun. Maybe you have decided on new resolutions. From being the best version of yourself to being productive throughout the year, there are plenty of common resolutions that people have....

How to best approach fat loss for women

Women struggle with weight management more than men. This is because women are genetically programmed to have higher percentage and less muscle mass than men. I know it’s a bit unfair and you can...

Eight Tips to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

As we get older, the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle become more apparent and important. Some of those benefits include staying free from disease and having a strong, slim, and responsive body. For...