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A Heidi Klum Halloween

Every year it becomes more and more clear that Halloween is really just an excuse for girls to dress in the smallest amount of clothes possible without fearing arrest. One need look no further...

Guyliner is Gay

6000 years. That’s a long time. That’s how long the human race has been applying makeup. From the Ancient Egyptians to the Ancient Romans and Greeks, facial makeup was a staple...

Celebrities with High IQs

A person’s Intelligence Quotient – or IQ – is determined using a series of standardized tests that have been designed to assess an individual’s intelligence. The tests themselves are a source of controversy with...
Chris Burrous

Chris Burrous: A Reputable Journalist, His Life and Death

It was a mournful day from the KTLA Network when they lost one of their best journalists. How much more of how his family felt when they heard the news? Chris Burrous was the...

All Time Top 10 Celebrity Mismatched Couples

Official - Beautiful women love ugly guys! Celebrities are a law unto themselves when it comes to the relationships. Someone is always getting married, getting divorced, dating, breaking up or slinging mud in the land...

5 Brilliant car TV adverts

It must be an ad agency’s dream to get a new brief for a car commercial. Controversial as it may be, I reckon that the best ads of the last decade have promoted cars....

Man Candy Monday: Keegan Allen

Who is Keegan Allen? The Vital Stats: Name: Keegan Phillip Allen Height: 6’1″ Born: July 22 Profession: Actor Status: Unknown at time of publication. Filmography (year, title, role): 2002: Small Emergencies (Parakeet owner's son) - short 2010: Big Time Rush (Male Model #2) – television series, 1 episode "Big Time...

The 10 Most Interesting Celebrities 2011

Every year Barbra Walters composes a list of the most fascinating celebrities in America and every year, I find myself bored with many of her choices. They always seem so obvious. This year is...
halle berry

Top 3 Most Beautiful Women

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It is one of the most famous sayings in English. And the beauty of famous women is a much discussed about topic in the modern era,...

10 of the Most Shocking Celebrity Breakups

I awoke this morning to news I never thought I’d hear – Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith have separated after thirteen years of marriage. As I write this, the separation remains still a...