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The 7 Best Natural Hair Care Products

Everyone wants their hair to look shiny and healthy, and synthetically produced shampoos and products can cause damage. As a result, people are also looking to switch to more sustainable hygiene options. Many brands...

130+ Eye-Catching Coffin Nails Ideas to Reinvent Your Manicure Style

Long nails have been a trend for years that all women go crazy about, especially when shapes and designs are involved. The coffin nails, for example, have been making huge waves among women who...

160+ Reinassance Pompadour Hairstyles for Men

Over the last few years, the pompadour hairstyle for men has gained lots of popularity across different continents. This very stylish hairstyle has been in existence since the eighteenth century. The style seemingly disappeared from...

Does Activated Charcoal Whiten Teeth?

We humans do love a trend, and the new fad seems to be activated charcoal. You can't spend an hour or two on any online forum without stumbling across a conversation, or sometimes an...

4 Things to Expect after Breast Augmentation Surgery

The breast augmentation surgery is one of the most commonly performed plastic surgery procedures. Making the decision to undergo elective surgery is not a choice made lightly. Breast augmentation surgery is a major surgery...

When Should You Really Visit a Salon?

The beauty industry of today is extremely advanced and growing rapidly. You can get any kind of service at a salon from waxing and laser epilation to hair colouring into any colour imaginable to...

What Your Hair Says about You even before You Speak

Do you believe that blondes have more fun? Is it true that men find women with long flowing hair sexier? There are a lot of beliefs or statements about hair floating around society. For...

55 Best Odell Beckham Haircuts

Even if you are not a follower of sports, you will know that Odell Beckham Jnr. is a very popular person in the American Sports industry. As if being famous isn’t enough, he is...

3 Benefits of Adding Face Masks in Your Beauty Routine

Face or sheet masks are thin strips of fabric, papers, or gels that are soaked with skin-nourishing serum. You’ve probably seen them on TV or those YouTube videos of influencers. Face masks are gaining...

How The Modern Woman’s Lifestyle Is Changing The Beauty Industry

Historically, the beauty industry has been painstakingly exclusive in the ideals it puts forward to its impressionable and vulnerable consumers. Since ancient Egyptian times, people have been using beauty products to enhance their features....