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100 Decorative Marble Nail Art Ideas For Summer

If you are looking for a fun nail style this summer, then why not try out the decorative marble nail art style. It’s a popular style that is super cute. The color combination involved...

Awesome Wild Animal Fashion Shoots

Many people love animals whether they are their own pets or completely wild animals in the countryside. For wild animals in particular, people carry the imposed ‘guilt’ if any species is...

The Best Bras for Spring/Summer

The bra is an essential part of the female ensemble, offering support and hopefully comfort throughout long days at work, wild nights on the town, or even just a quick drink with the girls....

Oriental Beauty: Asian Skin Care Secrets

If there is one thing Asian women are known for, it is their flawless complexion and their natural ever-young beauty. It is like they literally cannot get old. Many of their unique beauty tips...

5 Bold Make-Up Tips That Are Sure To Turn Heads

The fashion statement this year has been the bold look. The so called ‘bold look’ not only makes women look great, it also adds volumes to their personality. Carry this look with poise and...

Most shocking ingredients in makeup

What is make up made of? Would you believe slugs and snails and puppy dogs tails? OK, not quite, but snail secretion is used as an anti-aging ingredient, cochineal beetles are used in lipstick...

160+ Reinassance Pompadour Hairstyles for Men

Over the last few years, the pompadour hairstyle for men has gained lots of popularity across different continents. This very stylish hairstyle has been in existence since the eighteenth century. The style seemingly disappeared from...

Being Yourself is the Most Attractive You

Men often think that women expect them to be a certain way when, in fact, their perception of what women find attractive is quite incorrect. Sure, women appreciate a buff man who takes care...

55 Best Odell Beckham Haircuts

Even if you are not a follower of sports, you will know that Odell Beckham Jnr. is a very popular person in the American Sports industry. As if being famous isn’t enough, he is...

The Summer Guide to Picture Perfect Legs

As the summer season comes into full swing, pants and leggings are replaced with shorts, skirts and breezy, short dresses. It is hard to leave the gams covered up when the sun begs you...