Cars that woman want and why

Okay, so the days of blatant sexism are long gone thankfully, but how about the way that men and women are targeted for different products and services? The truth is that whilst we are certainly equal, men and woman gravitate towards different things. The same goes for cars and whilst there are plenty of nice vehicles out there that men usually go wild over, how about something for the ladies? This short article takes you on a little journey that aims to point out the things about a car that can make woman a little wild.


Firstly, if we are talking about a couple, whether married or not, who do you think makes the big decisions as far as purchases go? Yes, it is usually the woman and with good reason. Men tend to get a little excited and use their heart instead of their heads when it comes to buying cars. Never underestimate the influence of a women in any relationship and that is why car designers are finally starting to get with the program. Apparently, a massive 80 percent of all car purchases are directly influenced by women.


According to no little research, woman drivers actually prefer cars that are small to medium in size. So a Nissan Rogue is usually going to be chosen over a larger but similar class of vehicle. They also enjoy driving a hard bargain but will never skimp on safety features over performance. Reliability also scores high and a watertight warranty will help to seal the deal more often than not. Forget about those flashy upgrades that have men salivating because sisters just don’t see the point.


Men and women also differ when it comes to buying cars because instead of the direct route, ladies prefer to spend time researching the vehicle they want. So that cheap Toyota Corolla  in the dealer may be a real heartbreaker but if the statistics do not add up, it will be given a wide berth by potential purchasers who happen to be female. However, women are not impressed by those salespeople who tend to talk down to them compared to men. After all, who is holding the purse strings here? Typically, the best way to help seal a deal with a lady buyer is to be patient and listen as well as answering any questions without adding unnecessary flannel.


Perhaps the most important difference is that men are more prone to respond to things instead of people. This is how woman operate and that will never change. They enjoy the actual human side of owning a vehicle as opposed to how many bhp there are per liter.

Woman are starting to earn more money and make more important decisions in and out of the workplace, so car manufacturers had better start adjusting their sales technique towards this changing trend. Major car manufacturers including Ford are finally getting to grips with these facts so start looking out for more tempting offers that will not include top speeds and racy paintwork designs.



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