Can SUP Help Me Learn How to Surf?

If you live near an ocean or sea, then you must have spent most of your childhood days playing in the waters and relaxing by the beaches. Also, chances are that you know a couple of individuals who enjoy surfing and are pros at it. Stand up paddle surfing or SUP as popularly known is a water sport where an individual stands up on the board and propel their way around the deep waters of the sea with the help of a paddle. The good thing about this is that you can try it out even in a regular swimming pool or in the ocean when the wind is calm.

Most individuals participate in SUP as a way of having fun with friends. But there are still those that do it as a sport or part of an intense workout regime. So does SUP make an excellent starting point if you’re thinking about learning how to surf? Let’s find out.

Think Of The Large Boards and Paddle

The boards used in stand up paddle surfing are normally large and range from about 10 ft and above. This means they can float easily and also give you enough space to balance while steadily standing. There are a large number of paddle boards on the market to choose from. If you don’t know which one to choose, it’s helpful to check out highly-rated online resources such as this iRocker SUP reviews page, then carefully go through the pros and cons and choose the one that best suits your needs. Remember, having something that’s already light enough to float on water is a plus in your surf-learning journey.

Besides, most, if not all paddles boarding come complete with a paddle that will help you propel yourself through the waters, just like you would a canoe. So, in other words, you got a complete kit to help you identify your comfort-zone; an excellent way to kick-start your surfing practice. Remember, surfing requires a lot of muscle strengthening and body balance. And there isn’t a better way to brace your core for that, but through constant paddling.

Popping Up And Wave Riding

Surfing involves a lot of popping up and wave riding. That’s why you will always see an experienced surfer coming-out victorious even in the strongest storms. So if you want to head towards that direction, then you must prepare yourself for the same. Like surfing, SUP requires you to maintain balance while paddling even in the calmest waters to ensure that you don’t fall off the board.

Unfortunately, as easy as it might sound, it isn’t quite a task to achieve that in the beginning. So be prepared for several deep-ups in the waters before you master the concept. First, you will have to learn how to multitask while remaining attentive. For instance, your leg muscles have to remain upright and well-balanced, while your core juggles with the paddling to keep moving forward. And with time you will become more confident and wouldn’t mind throwing yourself at an upcoming wave.

So can SUP help you learn Surfing?

Of course, yes! The muscles you use in SUP are the same ones needed for surfing. And as you learn to focus and retain the memory of how each part of the body should work, you are actually getting ready for a smooth transition into surfing!


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