How to Boost Your Confidence in the Bedroom

Whether you’re in a new relationship or you’ve been with your partner for years, it can be hard to always feel your best in the bedroom. Sometimes you need a little help with your confidence to not only look your, best but to perform your best. You can feel really vulnerable when the lights are dim and the clothes come off. Whether you’re not confident in your body or you don’t know how to express your desires to your partner, these tricks will help you boost your confidence in the bedroom, so both you and your partner can have the best time yet!

Do your research

Sometimes a lack of confidence stems from simply not knowing what you want. You might need to step outside of your comfort zone and start exploring your own sexuality. You might want to start with reading articles about sex or even watching porn. This is something you can do with your partner to get in the mood or do alone. If watching porn sounds like a big step, maybe try reading porn first. There’s a whole genre of books for women that go beyond 50 Shades of Grey. These will not only get you in the mood, but they might show you some things you didn’t know you were interested in!

Dress for the occasion

Roleplaying can be a fun way to make any relationship steamy! Whether you’ve been itching to try a new costume or your partner has been harboring schoolgirl fantasies, a bedroom costume can do wonders for your confidence. It’s impossible to not feel confident and sexy in Three Wishes costumes! With something for every style and personality, you might realize you had more confidence than you thought!

Stay out of your own head

The reason most women struggle to find their confidence in the bedroom is because they get caught in their own heads. It’s easy to lose focus when you can’t stop thinking about how your thighs look in this light or how you shouldn’t have eaten so much at dinner just an hour earlier. Remember that these things that seem big to you probably don’t even phase your partner. A great way to focus on your own pleasure is by focusing on your breathing, not unlike meditation. Instead of hyper-focusing on your self-conscious thoughts, pinpoint everywhere your partner is touching you. It might take some practice to get your thoughts fully in the moment, but the right strategies will help.

Treat yourself before you hit the bedroom

If you look your best, you’ll feel your best. If you think you need an extra boost of confidence in the bedroom, spend some time pampering yourself. That doesn’t have to mean getting a spa treatment or expensive facial. You can DIY your own beauty treatments at home if that’s what you’d prefer. Take a relaxing bath, light some candles, spend the time moisturizing your body. If you feel refreshed, clean, and taken care of, you’ll be ready for anything!

Remember your partner loves the way you look

It’s easy to think your partner can see the extra weight on your stomach or the blemishes on your face, but in reality they don’t. Sometimes you need a reminder that your partner loves the way you look, and is thrilled to have you as a sexual partner! The stuff that seems big and important to you doesn’t even occur to them. Stop comparing yourself to others or thinking you need to conform to any particular sexual ideal. Realize this time is just about you and your partner, and your partner is so excited to be there with you!

Practice makes perfect

When it comes to feeling confident in the bedroom, practice really does make perfect. Your sexual skills and ability will improve with time, and it’s normal to feel a little awkward when you’re getting to know a new partner. The key is being open minded to trying new things and being proactive with your own sexual desires!


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