Body Toning Tips For Women

For women who are already at their ideal weight, but want to tighten up loose, sagging muscles, body toning exercises are the answer. While men tend to want to create more muscle mass, most women are aiming at a strong, lean and graceful look. With summer approaching, this is the time to tone up ready for your swimsuit or bikini!

Attaining those sleek, well-defined arm and leg muscles or creating a firm, high behind to be proud of can be easier to achieve than you might think. As with all exercise, the key to seeing results is regularity. Once you have found a toning sequence you are happy with, keep doing it at least every other day and you will start to see improvements within a few weeks.

Take time to choose routines that specifically target the areas you want to work on. If toning the upper arms is your goal, choose exercises that focus on this area. It is easier to track your progress this way, which will be an added motivation to continue.  If you are just starting out with these, remember to start gently. Muscles will take a little time to get used to their new activity. It’s best to start with weights that feel light and easy at first and build up.

There are sequences that work all muscle groups, so whether it’s upper arms, inner thighs or abdominals choose exercises that work these to bring results where you want to see them. Doing the exercise in the right way is also important, not only to ensure the best outcome, but also for your safety. Seek the advice of a training professional or look at a workout DVD to ensure you get the best out of your exercise without injury. While performing your routine you should ideally maintain the same level of intensity throughout.

All body toning exercises should start with some stretching. The purpose of this is to begin warming up the muscles and tendons, ready for the work they are about to do. Starting this way also reduces the risk of spasm and injury during your workout.

A good balanced diet is essential to enabling your body to do this and it is also worth adding supplements specifically formulated to enhance body toning into that mix. One way to boost the results of your exercise is to include supplements specifically formulated to assist your body toning. The Definity Maxitone Toning  System does just that, providing balanced nutrients that support your body.

For women, the aim is less about increasing bulk and more about muscle definition. If you are using weights in your toning exercises, make sure they are appropriate for your body type and current level of fitness. For just toning muscles, use lighter weights with increased repetitions. Again, adding nutrient rich supplements to your diet will assist it in achieving the new muscle strength and tone you wish to achieve

Including 1-2 shakes or energy bars a day in your balanced dietary plan helps in recovery and repair after exercise, provides energy so you can exercise for longer and supplies high levels of protein to help burn up calories. Combined with Definity CLA capsules, which further enhances results, you will be well on your way to the firm, sleek, defined shape you are aiming for.

Toning can really boost your confidence too as a lot of women do worry about certain areas of their body, so work on these, have some fun and strut your stuff on the beach this summer!


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