Being Yourself is the Most Attractive You

Men often think that women expect them to be a certain way when, in fact, their perception of what women find attractive is quite incorrect. Sure, women appreciate a buff man who takes care of his body, but most women would take a winning personality over a sexy physique if it has to be one or the other.

Women seek out strength, which includes self-control. Self-control is a silent reassurance that a man will stay loyal to his woman and will not cheat on her. It also shows that a man can stay away from substances that will harm the relationship such as alcohol and drugs. If you are a man who has battled with addiction in the past but have overcome it, come clean and show your lady that you are strong. She will also appreciate that you are honest and that you are not afraid to open up to her and reveal a personal, and perhaps touchy timeframe in your life. Receiving help from an establishment like Harris House can help men and women move on and make the most of their lives.

What women really want is a lasting relationship with a partner that they can grow old with. Looks will fade, but if you are with someone who makes you laugh and have fun every day, then when you grow old together you can still have fun and be happy. If a relationship is based solely on looks, there will be nothing left when those looks fade with age and with the effects of time. Women want a partner who will keep them safe and will provide for them, if needed, and who will be a good father to their children. Looks are a bonus, but a winning personality trumps all.

Many men believe that they need to be rich and powerful for women to find them desirable but this is not so. A woman just wants to know that you are motivated and that you are willing to work hard to put food on the table so that she can feel secure. In this day and age, many women are the breadwinners or at least bring in part of the income for the household. Money is not important to most women, and it certainly does not define a man. Many women would prefer a man with a sense of humor and who has a modest income, over a man who is filthy rich and is hardly bearable to be around. A man may be good-looking and rich, but if you can’t have a conversation with him, the time spent with him will soon get old.

Women often find themselves in a situation where they meet the man of their dreams and then realize that he is not what he seems. This is one of the worst scenarios and should be avoided at all cost by being upfront and honest right from the start. Even if there are things about you that you are not proud of, it is better that your woman hears it directly from you rather than through the grapevine and then from you. Honesty is very important in a relationship and can actually make or break a relationship.

What women want is not always accurately depicted in Hollywood movies. In real life, women want a man who is honest and who has a big heart. Not every woman wants the same things in a man either, but if you are honest, you can’t go wrong. If your honesty and straightforwardness is a turn-off to a woman, or she cannot accept you for who you truly are then it is a match that is just not meant to be. You never want to pretend that you are something that you’re not because the truth will eventually come out and it is likely that your relationship will not last.

If you have overcome some pretty tough times in your life, share your story and be proud of who you are. If a relationship is meant to be, it will be. One of the sexiest things to a woman is a man who has the guts to show his emotions and to talk about things, including what has been done in the past.