Beer price rises faster than houses, cinema tickets and cars

A pint of beer now costs 20 times more than it did 40 years ago – which means that the price has risen faster that that of houses, cinema tickets and cars.

beerA series of data cards, showing prices over the last five decades, shows that the average pint purchased in 1975 would have cost 15p. In 2015 that reached almost £3 (for bitter).

Over that same period, cars became 11.5 times more expensive, cinema tickets cost almost 12 times as much, and house prices shot up 18 times.


The average pay packet did, of course, rise too – but was only 14 times higher, jumping from £1,809 in 1975 to £25,608 in 2015.

Still, the cards also show that the cost of an NHS prescription experienced even bigger growth – with medicines a whopping 41 times more expensive in 2015 than they were 40 years ago.

interest-rateThe rising cost means that, for many people, a pint in the pub has to be seen as more of a luxury pursuit. A pint of beer even costs more than checking your credit report – although some of us might feel that we need a pint after looking at our financial records!

Still, at least people in the UK can console themselves with the fact that this is not the most expensive place to enjoy a pint of beer. Indeed, the poor folk of Greenland need to find the equivalent of £7.19. Now that’s an expensive round.


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