Are Animals Romantic?

I have often wondered about this subject especially when watching how my animals interact with each other. I believe that if humans can be romantic and show each other affection, then surely animals also have the capacity to do this. I mean our household pets show us humans affection and love everyday, so why not each other? A devoted dog will do any thing for their beloved owner, even if that means laying down it’s own life. I have even heard of animals risking their lives for other animals too! But is that love or instinct?

My cats bring me small furry presents every once in a while but is that just a thank you present for feeding and caring for them or is it a love token?  Is my cat really saying I love you enough to give you my freshly caught food? Whether or not my cats are romantic to one another is a bit of a hard one, I know they show each other affection and of course all the other emotions that us humans display, like rage and annoyance. But do they romance with each other?

One thing is that they do enjoy cleaning each other for hours on end, so that could be seen as our version of a long bath together?

I wonder where Duchess and Thomas O’Malley  would choose for their romantic breaks in Europe? Source.

Of course animals don’t go off on exotic holidays or the lovely romantic short breaks that us humans do, but they do often share food like we would a candlelit dinner. They enjoy doing things together too…well most of the time! They always look as if they are in love and are totally devoted to each other, so maybe animals can be romantic.

I think I might be on the fence on this one, but possibly leaning towards the possibility that they can actually be romantic towards one another!

So here are some animals looking as though they are being romantic…



When I think of animals being affectionate, I always think of Lovebirds. They enjoy snuggling up together and should be always be kept in pairs, one male to a female. Their name also reflects this as they are highly affectionate to one another and they tend to pair up for life which could be 12 years or more!



These little hamsters are are offering a female hamster a beautiful pink flower. How cute is that?
I think they are really going to eat it though…..but it’s as they say, It’s the thought that counts!

Black Swans


Black swans are also birds that pair up for life. They are  fiercely protective of one another and their young. They spend their days following each other everywhere on the water and carefully grooming each other, probably similar to us giving each other a back rub.



Tigers in the wild are typically solitary animals, but when they are in Zoo’s and Wildlife parks the park owners tend to pair them up, normally so they can breed and increase the tiger numbers. When this is done the tigers do tend to pair up for life, forming an extremely deep bond. They can often be observed laying side by side, giving each other a good clean!



Monkeys and apes seem to have special bonds within their family groups and tend to have one dominate male that will mate with most of the females. Some species do however pair up socially and raise their young similar to how humans do. This is not surprising when most scientists believe that monkeys and apes are closely related to us!



Elephants of the opposite sex in adulthood live totally separate lives. The bull goes off wandering looking for mates while the females form close family bonds with mothers, daughters, sisters and aunts in a group. These two Elephants here are possibly 2 females or maybe 2 immature Elephants, but don’t they look all lovely dovey, holding trunks!



Shrimp would normally live in groups or shoals and they only really pair up when ready to spawn. But don’t these 2 look like they are doing the Tango or possibly even a slow romantic Waltz.

Fennec Fox


These very cute long eared Foxes live together as a family unit, which would comprise of a single breading pair and their offspring, all housed in a underground den. The adult mating pair are of course monogamous and in captivity show their utter devotion to each other. These 2 look like they are about to kiss!



Armadillo’s are heavily armoured on the outside but seem to me to be ever so warm hearted on the inside. Armadillo’s supposedly live solitary lives but these 2 look as if the are enjoying a romantic dinner for 2 if you ask me!



Chipmunks are very social animals. They live in underground dens in small tightly knit family units, comprising of two breeding adults and various aged offspring. These two look so romantic as though the  male chipmunk is about to give a gorgeous purple flower to his partner!

Well I hope this answers the question about whether animals are romantic. I certainly think some of them can be, just the same as humans are!
See you again soon…

Demon Chick xx